Leigh Ann Yost

Leigh Ann Yost

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA


Through the home-grown stories of love, loss and unexpected adventures, images of a life captured in rhythm and song are projected on our soul. Dividing life between full time careers as mother, activist and musician, Leigh Ann Yost has multi-taking down to an art. Literally. Her verses are crafted and shared as anything from a private moment to a public outcry and revolve as a gallery in real time. The challenge to take on all three aspects of her life every day, each song, any given performance is a challenge not met by many.

Songs that can't escape anyone’s mind or heart: loves gained, loves lost, lives lived and roads crossed. Each song it's own, her less-is-more approach to songwriting results in the perfect marriage between harmonies and melodies, catchy hooks, and memorable lyrics. Diving into the Louisville, KY, music scene, her September 2006 freshman release, Basic Needs, got airplay just two hours after being dropped it off at the radio station. Yost was quickly invited to play the coveted one- hour live radio program Live Lunch, WFPK Radio Louisville.

Notable appearances include multiple visits to Live Lunch, a premier one-hour live performance at WFPK Radio Louisville (www.wfpk.org), WDRB Fox in the Morning TV show, WBKI The CW Morning Show(s), Kentucky Homefront Live Radio Show, Actors’ Theatre Late Seating, The Jazz Factory, in-store performances at Louisville’s favorite indie music store, earx-tacy®. Yost is on the roster of performing artists of the Kentucky Arts Council. Her CD has been stocked at Borders Books and Music, earx-tacy, iTunes, and cdBaby.com. She was the cover story of Louisville’s music rag Louisville Music News in January 2007. Louisville Magazine lists Basic Needs in the Top 5 regionally recorded and produced albums of 2006. Leigh Ann lives in Louisville, KY, with her husband and 2 sons, and continues to write music and perform regionally. She signed in September 2010 with sonaBLAST! records for a sophomore release scheduled for December 2011, "As I Live and Breathe."


As I Live and Breathe, Leigh Ann Yost, c. 2011
1. Beautiful Day
2. Catch Me If I Fall
3. Long Gone
4. Fires (co-written with Tim Krekel)
5. I Don't Like You (co-written with Danny Kiely)
6. Stir Me Up Inside (Tim Krekel)
7. Coach Bag
8. Angel (Mark Geary)
9. What Would I Do

Basic Needs, Leigh Ann Yost, c. 2006.
6 (of 14) tracks received airplay on WFPK Radio Louisville [www.wfpk.org], 2 still in rotation (*).

Breathe *
Down *
Timepiece (flanigan)
Everythings Gonna Be Alright (Krekel)
Jenny Brown
See Rock City

Set List

Performs solo, duo, trio, full band.
Acoustic guitar, fiddle, upright bass, electric bass, keys, drums

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