Leigh Goldstein

Leigh Goldstein

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Super melodic catchy songs....Great for TV shows and Movies Singer songwriter/ pop


Influneced by Randy Newman, Billy Joel and Cold Play.



Written By: Leigh Goldstein

I knew a girl she lived at night She was sometimes sad.
She loved 2 men or thought she might The best loves that she’d had.

Comfort comes to those who try
Never seek an alibi.

Would you be my love tonight
Hold you close hold you tight.

She would always run around
Made her ill at ease
If she could choose this love we found
Might be what she needs

Comfort comes from my hands.never from another man.

Danielle holds that photograph
The picture that she sees
She recalls our recent past spoken painfully Danielle

Little Bit

Written By: Leigh Goldstein

Need a little Bit. Need a little more time
Gonna find a way. Got to make you all mine.
I know that’s it’s been crazy.I know that I’ve been blind.
Need a little bit more

Gonna find a way. We can make a new start.
Gonna break away heading straight for your heart
I know that’s its been crazy. a love is hard to find.
Need a little bit more Shelter from this storm.

Late at night when you sleep I’ll be there.
In your dreams I’ll come to you
I’ll be there to comfort you.
I will never falter.

We can find a way. We can make a new start.
There’s a better day. Heading straight for our hearts.
I know that love is crazy. I feel it all the time.
Need a little bit more shelter from this storm.


Danielle Indie release 2005