Leigh Phillips

Leigh Phillips


A dynamic mix of orchestra and electronica with a melodic sensibility that's steeped in the tradition of composers such as Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Hans Zimmer and John Barry.


Leigh Phillips, is an award-winning theatre and film composer/ orchestrator with numerous credits to his name. In 1998 he became one of publishing house Wright & Round LTD's youngest best-selling arrangers and has since gone on to produce many exciting scores for animations, short features, documentaries, theatrical productions, television promos, and movie trailers. His most recent score, for the urban thriller The Interrogation, has just been released on CD and is available to buy/ download from CD Baby, I-Tunes, and Tower Records.

In 2004 Leigh completed a ten month project for Fantastic Four composer John Ottman - adapting and reconstructing the composer's score from the dark thriller PUBLIC ACCESS for performance by symphony orchestra. At the start of 2005, Leigh collaborated with Grammy-Award winning composer Joe Harnell, compiling his music from the tv series 'V' into a three-movement suite for orchestra & chorus; unfortunately Joe, who was thrilled with the results of their 'V' collaboration, died in July '05 whilst working with Leigh on the plans for an updated suite of re-imagined music from The Incredible Hulk tv series.

All of Leigh's music is recorded at the state-of the-art Tadpole studio under the experienced eye of recording engineer and long-time collaborator Simon Prothero.

Leigh's musical roots are firmly based in motion pictures, his eclectic style and his broad use of musical language can be linked to the influences of composers such as Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Philip Glass, Harry Gregson-Williams, Stravinsky, and even Moby.



Written By: Leigh Phillips

Through every fight I stay.
Wishing I could feel again.
When I fall down you should help me up.
When I feel low you should give me love again.

I wish I could take you somewhere we could fly, all alone.
But I know I can't go, I lost my wings freefalling.
I know I can't go, my world's turned to dust.

You're so distant today.
I live my life in the shade.
I swear I've never been cut like this.
I swear I've never felt pain like this inside me.

I cannot fight this.
Walls crumble down.
I cannot see you.
I know that now.


The Way We Were

Written By: Carly Tucker

Its been a long time
but my feelings still remain.
I hope that one day,
we can go back to the way we were.
We used to dream of,
having love and loving life.
Looked into your eyes,
and I soon realised.
That I found the one for me.

The way we were.

I've kept the letters,
you sent me when love was strong.
I've read them over,
and tried to make sense of it all.
I understand that the
road between us makes it hard.
But if its true love,
we can go back to the way we were.

The way we were.

Your picture's on my wall.
Tells me stories from the past.
If I look closer,
I can keep praying they will last.

The way we were.


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