Leighton Bain

Leighton Bain


If your expecting knee tapping, bubble gum pop - you've got the wrong CD! These songs are edgy acoustic based, merging the raw basement feel of Elliot Smith with the more powerful/clean sounds of Death Cab for Cutie. Clever/honest lyrics humbly explore life without sugarcoating or hiding in metapor.


Starting off as a natural songwriter, this project began from the need to be heard. It has become an opportunity to affect other people. Leighton has always considered the intent listener, who listens closely to the musical changes and nuances that come in considering every bit of each song. People can appreciate an effective combination of lyric and melody, and in trying to create a harmony between thoughts and emotions, Leighton aims to create a sound which is both honest and memorable. Some of Leighton's influences include Hayden, Mark Kozalek and Elliott Smith.


Bedroom Biography

Written By: Leighton Bain

Somewhere deep within this room there are traces of my youth.

Never gonna get it back.

Somewhere caked beneath this paint, I can see the marks that my fist made.

I never should have done that.

Turn out the lights and lay down and stare at the ceiling stars that hardly glare anymore.

Never gonna get it back.

Sift through drawers of summer clothes, you hid the things that noone else would ever know, noone else should ever know.


Written By: Leighton Bain

Sit by me on a rooftop riverboat fantasy. Nose to the breeze, we'll be safe from seasick feeling. In a worst case scenerio, you and I in a rowboat heading home.
Either way its safe to say, we'll seize this day the easy or the hard way.....

Sit by my side on a shaky crowded mountain bus ride. Down through the trees and the broken roads of war torn cities. In a worst case scenerio, you and I in flip flops headin' home. Either way its safe to say, we'll seize this day the easy or the hard way.....

I've never been anywhere but a warm bed and I've never felt anymore ungrateful than today in Vietnam


- Songs to Get By (2005) - Recorded @ The Sound Foundry.

- Vietnam E.P (2007) - Recorded with Joel Bruyere @ The Drawing Room.

- Third Floor Demos (Unreleased 2008) - "Bedroom Biography" streaming online: www.myspace.com/leightonbain

Set List

My set is typically 45mins to an hour and consists of all original music with the exception of some random covers.

- Empty Nests and Cigarrettes
- On the Shore
- Tonight
- Dance All Night
- Body Language
- Vietnam
- Not My Time to Go
- Cobblestone Roads
- Two Lane Highway
- I Made You this Home
- What She Came From

For longer performances (Exceeding 2 hours) I often include some cover music by artists within my genre.