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"Leila Flies Off To Neverland!"

In typical fairytale fashion, prooving that obstacles can indeed be overcome, the independent artist/songwriter Leila, whose self released debut "...Of Life" made a huge boom on various online music charts, including the worlds largest, mp3.com, has taken an unprecendented leap, from the cables and portals of the internet music world to perhaps one of the most high profile opportunities as of late.

The Soul/Latin singer/ songwriter will find herself on the stage at Michael Jacksons' Neverland Valley Ranch, Saturday September 13th, as part of a tribute to world renowned pop artist Romero Britto.

Leila, who recently returned from a trip to LA last month, after following what she interpreted to be a "sign" hidden within a late night comercial for a then up coming Santana concert, found the organization Oneness, after clicking on their link from within the Latin Superstars' site.

Oneness the not for profit organization dedicated to the elimination of racism through music, invited Leila to an "invitation only" songwriters' event, after a series of "strange coincidences" which led to an online rapor between the two. The event was attended by such industry greats as Narada Michael Walden, Lamont Dozier and coincidently enough, K.C Porter, whom among others, had produced for Santana's last album. "The whole thing really began to get strange when I was paired up with him at the event to co-write a song," said Leila. "I can't even begin to delve into all of the perfect little accidents that I found myself mysteriously caught up in," she added.

And so, after a strange turn of events that read like a Hollywood movie script, Leila, who still receives "Santana signs" daily and jokingly states that no, she has not been "abducted by aliens nor needs to be committed" is off to an event invited once again through Oneness, where this time part of the proceeds from the sale of each ticket will go to benefit their various programs, as well as Make A Wish Foundation.

The event has already begun to attract the music industry's heaviest hitters with rumors of appearances and/or peformances by Patti Labelle, Jewell and Ashanti to name a few. Leila is quick to add that "Final confirmation has not been received," and "You never know, things can change tomorrow I'm just happy to be even considered for such an opportunity," adding, "As an indie who knows what it's like to struggle for years I can say to others keep your heads up, hope alive and above all else eyes, ears and spirits open." - A. Kaine - Indie Times

"Leila Unites with Music Legends for Oneness"

Singer/songwriter Leila, whose work skyrocketed on the MP3.com music charts with an unprecedented 6 #1 concurrent positions, propelling her into the ranks of India Arie and Pink, was recently given the chance to make music with some industry heavyweights.

The Latin-born independent artist and songwriter was chosen as one of only 40 up & coming writers, invited to attend the "invitation only" ONENESS SONGWRITER's SUMMIT in Los Angeles, with such industry greats as Narada Michael Walden, Lamont Dozier & KC Porter, as well as several others who have worked with Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and Santana among others.

Oneness, whose aim is to promote racial unity through music, supported by such artists as Brian McKnight and Santana, paired Leila up with KC Porter (Toni Braxton, Santana fame)as well as Frankie Richard (who wrote for Patti Labelle).

Leila came across the organization after discovering a link on a music website. "I found a parallel between (Oneness') logo/company name and mine, Power Of One Music," said the Argentinian-born Leila, who was raised in Spain.

Leila whose music has been described as "A delicious fusion" of Soul, Rhythm and blues, Latin and World Music, focuses on human connections and the need for community in some of her songs. "No matter where I've gone, I've noticed we all have the same needs."

The artists, songwriters and producers at the event were placed in small groups and given approximately 6 hours to write a song touching on unity and peace. "It was one of the most spiritually and emotionally fullfilling days of my life and the music created that day can only be described as divine." said Leila.

The song entitled 'This Is My Place' co-written by the threesome will be available on a soon to be released compilation CD.

Leila's debut record titled "Of Life" is also now available at cdstreet. The CD features a warm, seductive fusion of Soul, Brazilian Rythms, R&B and Worldbeat flavors such as Flamenco Guitar and Latin percussion! 18 tracks for you! Pick up your copy today.
- B Mandel - Waterbury Republican

"Local artists pen songs of world harmony"

A song is a powerful tool. And one new CD is filled with songs of power, including two with local ties.

'oneness" a compilation of songs to promote racial harmony, features two tracks penned by two Waterbury artists: Producer/Songwriter Bobbi Tammaro of Funkeeboy Music and performer/Songwriter Leila. The disc is in support of the Oneness organization, based in California and on the web at www.oneness.org.

"the organizations main goal is to promote the elimination of racism through music and tha arts," Tammaro said, adding that Leila made the initial contact for the pair to head to the west coast. "They contacted her after hearing her music on the internet and they liked it because her music is multi-cultural."

Leila, a native of Spain who calls Waterbury home, has been performing and recording in the area for years. Her music, a blend of LAtin, rhythm and blues, dance and soul, creates a world pop sound that bridges countries and continents. Her album, "Of Life," is available at www.cdbaby.com/leila

Via the power of the internet, countless copies of Leila's songs have traveled around the world, and the singer often receives letters and e-mails form fans as far awya as Japan. She has performed at several notable venues, including Mohegan Sun Arena, the B.B. King Blues Club at foxwoods Resort casino and Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch.

Two years ago, the Oneness Organization invited Tammaro and Leila out to Los Angeles to participate in a "songwriting summit" Participants were split up into small groups and each was given a few hours to write a song 'to embrace humanity," Tammaro said.

At the end of the day the groups presented their work, some of which is now included on the compilation disc. Tammaro's and Leila's individual songs are both featured on the new CD, which features the work of songwriters who write for some of the music industry's most popular artists.

"Leila's song "Change," is a collaboration with K.C. Porter, who works with Santana, Ricky Martin, Toni Braxton and others; and Frankie Richard, who pens for Patti LaBelle. Leila also sings on the track.

Tammaro co-wrote his track, "What We All Need Now," with Seven, of Seven & The Sun, who also sings on the tune.

The ability to work among great songwriters, like Lamont Dozier of Motown fame, was a memorable moment for Tammaro.

"Just to be in the same room with him and the best writers in the world...It was enlightening," he said.

The presence of Tammaro and Leila among the world's greatest songwriters was not a fluke, either. The two musicians are prolific songwriters in their own right, and it's not the first time their songs have been presented to a national audience.

Tunes penned by Leila and Tammaro have been featured on a variety of films and television shows, including 'All My Children," "Days Of Our Lives," "Young & The Restless," "General Hospital," "Ripley's Believe It or Not," "Beverly Hills,90210," and made for TV films on HBO and Showtime.

Like Leila's, Tammaro's credits feature an impressive list of notable achievements. He has worked with a variety of artists, both local and international, including Waterbury's own Marty Q and Lomon Andrews and Canada's Tadros. His latest achievement is a new DVD teaching the essentials of songwriting. Tammaro's achievements are chronicled on his Web site, www.funkeeboymusic.com

Leila's latest venture will be fashion with a good cause. The singer is developing a line of handbags to coincide with her "Oneness" work.

"(The handbags,) celebrate ethnicity and multiculturalism and feature little embellishments like pan flutes and Guatemalan worry dolls, pictures donated from photographers of kids from all over the world," Leila said. The singer is currently researching manufacturing and investigating retail outlets for her designs.

To find out more about the singer, see her videos or hear her songs, log on to www.leilasworld.com or www.cdbaby.com/leila

The "Oneness" compact disc is available at www.oneness.org and www.cdbaby.com/oneness - Kellie Lambert McGuire - The Republican American

"Leila Featured Artist Reviews"


"Leila's debut album, Leila...Of Life, encompasses the genres of Pop, R&B and Latin rhythms with a "World" twist. Standout songs include "Tastes Like This," "If You're Gonna Leave," "One More Chance," "Did Ya Think," and "Dance Of Fire"

"Leila's strong vocals alongside the most brilliant production since Jahiem's debut makes a winning combination!"
- DJ Rhythm (Codarclar Enterprises)
Chronic Magazine - The Blazin' New Source for Hip Hop news



"taking the same path as her Latin diva predecessors such as Shakira, up and comer Leila is doing it both in English and Spanish. And not unlike Shakira, she could easily find herself on the cover of "glamour" magazine. With songs that compliment her cover girl looks, this is one powerful mam we INSIST you do not miss. Be sure to check out the sexy "Yo Vivo"
- Rashy, MP3.com News

- Chronic Magazine, MP3.com

"Local women opening for Gin Blossoms"

Two local musicians will open for a national act this weekend. Waterbury's Leila and Watertown's Carrie Ashton will take the stage prior to a performance by The Gin Blossoms on Saturday at City Center Danbury.

Leila will perform at 7:30 p.m. The singer a native of Spain, performs world music, a blend of Latin, R&B, dance and soul. A live Leila show is not a regular event, because her performance necessitates a special eight-piece band along with nine dancers, intricate choreography and costume changes.

Her extremely high energy performances are suited for special events and shows such as the even this weekend. Her show will be followed by a CD signing and picture taking.

Leila's album is titled "Of Life.'' Via the power of the internet, countless copies of Leila's songs have traveled around the world, and the singer often receives letters and e-mails form fans as far awya as Japan. She has performed at several notable venues, including Mohegan Sun Arena, the B.B. King Blues Club at foxwoods Resort casino and Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch.

Leila recently participated in the 'Oneness" project, a CD compilation of songs created to promote racial harmony.
"Leila's song "Change," is a collaboration with K.C. Porter, who works with Santana, Ricky Martin, Toni Braxton and others; and Frankie Richard, who pens for Patti LaBelle. Leila also sings on the track.

To find out more about the singer, see her videos or hear her songs, log on to www.leilasworld.com

- K. Lambert McGuire - The Republican American

"Leila heating up the charts with MP3.com downloads"

It's been a hot summer for Leila. The latin born beauty who now makes her home in Waterbury (huh?) is using cutting edge technology to get her foot in the door to the cut-throat music business.

Check out Mp3.com and you'll see Leila's songs all over the Web site's various charts. On the Urban/R&B list, she's hot on the heels of such current superstars as Pink, Ashanti and Craig David. Dig a little deeper into the Rhythm & Blues chart and she's taken control of the top THREE spots with "Did Ya Think,""Tastes Like This," and "One More Chance."

She doesn't stop there. "If You're Gonna Leave," "Circle," "Dance Of Fire," and "Torn & Tattered" occupy FOOUR of the top six spots on the Soul chart; "Eu Te Amo" is No. 2 on the World Fusion list; she's No.2 on the Spiritual Easy Listening chart with "Rain," No 8 on the easy listening chart with "Through My Eyes," No. 32 on the Pop chart with 'Somewhere Once Before."

Leila has blended her Spanish roots with a love of such music icons as Karen Carpenter, Sade and Selena to create a unique fusion of Latin, pop and rhythm and blues. The songs range form the warm and inviting ("If You're Gonna Leave," "Dance Of Fire") to the funky and soulful (Did Ya Think," "tastes Like This").

As of Thursday, "Did Ya Think" was hanging onto a spot on the main Top 4 chart, where it was as high as No. 15 earlier in the week. At one point in the last month she had FIVE songs at the tip of five charts.

"I saw it as a way to gain some exposure," Leila said, talking about her use of the Internet to get her music out. But the quick success has been quite a surprise."It was like a runawya train. At this point it's beyond anything I expected. I'm quite ecstatic."

For the uninitiated, Mp3's are the latest innovation in music. Technology now allows a song to be compressed into smaller and smaller formats, which means the song takes up less computer memory space. The smaller size allows the song to be either "downloaded" - the high-tech term for copied - form a website to a home computer, or "streamed" form the We site, like tuning in to a radio broadcast.

The hit songs are off her independently released CD, "Of Life," recorded earlier this summer. Looking for exposure for the new songs, she turned to the internet.

"It's a source of empowerment," Leila said. 'Becuase you have the ability to reach millions of people worldwide, it's a no brainer."

Her success hardly came overnight. Singing and acting since she was 5, Leila tried the traditional route about five years ago, taking a demo of her songs to producers, trying to get a recording contract. The journey took her to Los Angeles, where she met Bobbi Tammaro,who, with Carey Mellers, has become her producer and songwriting partner. "we had the same kind of vision," she said.

The partnership had already led to some success writing songs featured in television shows and movies, including the closing song for the SHOWTIME movie "They Call Me sirr," with Michael Clark Duncan (The Green Mile)
"Boyfriend" is scheduled to be featured on today's episode of "The Young and The restless."

The immediate goal is to sell 10,000 copies of "Of Life" on the internet. By proving to the music industry big wigs that she has a solid fan base, Leila beleives she's that much closer to the elusive recording contract. "Now i cna get into some doors i couldn't," she said. "We want to come to the table with as much ammunition as possible." - RM Gray - Waterbury Republican American



Nicely sung and congratulations for that. Heaps of interpretation and feel. Let me guess...you've done this before! This has all the silk and smoothness of the best in its genre. I love the vamping back up vocals and the gentleness of the backing. Well done!"
- aka_alias, Sydney Australia

"Wow. This girl is amazing! What a voice. Vocals are incredible, both lead and background. This band is going places with a vocalist like that. Beautiful lyrics."- Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Production.
- Noelmuzik, Stamford Connecticut



"Radio-Ready. What a beautiful song with with EXTREMELY impressive vocals.That back-up harmony is TIGHT!!!!This female vocalist is a PRO and it shows-literally one of the best I've heard yet,if not THE best.(What a range!!!!!)The whole production here is mastered very well,nice bridge!Chord progressions in a song are of strong importance to me,that's one of the first things that I feel out,and these are creative AND flexible. Great job you guys-just a beautiful song!!! Thanks for sharing it! This song gives me chills"
- Birgitta, Jeffersonville Indiana

"Ooohh yea...Nice vocal work! Great song. The female vocalist totally rocks! Did I mention that the female vocalist rocks? The harmonies are nailed. Mix/arrangement/prduction are all great. What a fantastic song! Good luck with this it! If I were a record exec, you would be signed in a heartbeat! A++++++++"
- Christopherson, Provo Utah



"Lovely, beautiful intro......and the vocals....are stabbing right through my heart...I can totally feel you within the sweet sounds gently flowing from my computer speakers and the bass from my subwoofer...omg...I can actually feel my eyes tearing up...I can't see why you aren't already famous...this song is so exceptional..and full of emotion I thrive off of emotion released from powerful vocals.....I love you marry me.."
- Choad, Anadarko Oklahoma

"Beautiful!! Loved the gorgeous piano intro- grabbed me right from the start. I almost heard the vocalist before she started, thanks to the producer/writer setting that tone right off the top. The vocalist is smooth as silk, and the lyrics compliment the mood. She has great tonality and expression...a world-class sound. Loved the song"
- Imace, Jacksonville Florida



"Hurts so good...Nice lazy groove. Relaxed, laid back smooth groove sets up rest of tune well. Everything is mixed well. Drums are prominent, but not annoying. The string backgrounds add texture and depth. But the star of this show is the vocalist. Ultra smooth voice, with the melody dripping big-ass, cherry sweet notes. The voice is gentle, yet shows a controlled strength, and is very expressive. Pitch is flawless. Background vocals tastefully add to song without detracting or overpowering lead. This may be the first song for which I have no real criticism--everything seems right. The song is beautifully written, orchestrated and performed. The vocalist is as good as it gets. Best of luck!"
- DickSuave, Salt Lake City Utah

"Superious song! When I first listened to the intro i've been wondered by melody, but when the vocal part began i've been amazed! It's perfect. This song have all chances to be the first track in the chart. It is not only have a top quality, but the great exciting melody and atmosphere. I only regret that you haven't introduced sweet fender rhodes in your song:) Good luck to you! Take your five stars!". Cheers, MiRaCLe.
- N.N, France

____________________________ - various - Garageband.com

"Latin beat pulses at Mohegan Sun Arena for Sunday show"

An evening of hot Latin rhythms, sure toheat things up during the cold New England winter, will grace the Mohegan Sun Arena stage on Sunday, at 7p.m. Gilberto "The Gentleman of Salsa" Santa Rosa and Giselle and Charlie Zaa will transport Mohegan Sun guests to the sunny Caribbean with their enchanting music. Waterbury Native Leila opens the show.

Singer-songwriter Leila of Waterbury will open the show for Zaa, Gisselle and Santa Rosa at the arena performing songs form her debut album, "Of Life," which blends elements of R&B, pop, Latin and world music with lyrics in English and Spanish.

Tickets are $60 and $35 and are available at the Uncasville facility's in house box office, online thorugh tickets.com at (800) 477-6849 or at any tickets.com outlet. - Connecticut Weekend - Republican American

"Leila #1"

The Multi-talented, multi lingual, songwriter/recording artist Leila is taking the internet by storm. This sultry, sexy diva has concurrent #1 songs on the charts and is one of the most downloaded artists on the world's music internet site MP3.com

In addition she can be found at the top of several sites including, Soundclick.som, Garageband, Sonic Garden, Besonic, Digizaar and many otheres. Her song 'did ya think" is currently the #1 song on the R&B chart, her song "Rain" is currently #1 on the Spiritual Easy Listening chart, and her song "suplicando Mas" recorded in Spanish, is #1 on the Latin/Pop chart. Leila also has the 32 song "If You're Gonna Leave" on the Soul chart directly behind Gtrammy award winner India Arie.

The talented singer/songwriter also has the #3, #4 and #5 songs on the soul chart concurrently with "Circle," "Dance Of Fire," and "Torn and Tattered." In addition to this Leila also has the top 3 songs, "Did Ya Think," "Tastes Like This," and "one More Chance" on the R&B chart concurrently.

Needless to say this is an amazing accomplishment that has never before been done in the history of the world's most popular internet music site.

Having taken some time off from her local television program "Leila's World" in order to fully promote her debut CD "Of Life" we asked this incredible artist what makes her music so enjoyable by fans of all ages and all over the world, she replied, "I truly write songs from my soul and out of my own life experiences. As a songwriter I focus so much on making sure my lyrics are meaningful and true for me," she said." "I also have to credit my producers and song writing partners Bobbi "Funkeeboy" Tammaro, and Carey Mellers. They are both incredible songwriters, musicians and producers and are ableto capture exactly what I'm looking for in defining my own sound and style."

That sound and style is why Leila remains on of the most downloaded and enjoyed artists on the internet. Born in Argentina and spending most of her years in Spain and Canada before coming to the United States, Leila credits her idols, the legendary Karen Carpenter, Sade, Mariah Carey and numerous world beat artists such as Alabina, for their influences.

In addition to conquering the internet, her music also continues to be featured on many television sitcoms, soap operas and movies. Last year she had the ending song on th Shotime movie "They Call Me Sirr," (featuring Oscar nominee- actor Michael Clark Duncan from "The Green Mile") while last week her songs "Boyfriend," and "Look What You've Done' co-written and produced by Funkee Boy were featured on episodes of 'All My Children" and "The Young and The Restless".

For more information and to hear Leila's music, visit her Web sites at www.leilasworld.com, and www.cdbaby.com/leila - The Waterbury Observer


Leila was recently chosen as one of only 40 up and coming writers invited to attend the "Oneness Songwriter Summit" with such industry greats as Narada Michael Walden, MOTOWN LEGEND Lamont Dozier and KC Porter (of Santana, Toni Braxton and Ricky Martin fame) The song entitled "Change" co-written by Leila, K.C. and Frankie Richard (who has written for Patti Labelle) was recently released on the Oneness compilation CD entitled "Songs Of Hope And Unity," alongside artists Malik Yusef and Carl Thomas. Available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/oneness

Leila...."Of Life" (debut release with 5 concurrent #1 songs on the former MP3.com) available at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/leila

"If You're Gonna Leave" (#1 Soul)
"Suplicando Mas" (#1 Latin/Pop)
"Eu Te Amo" (#1 World Fusion)
"Rain" (#1 Easy Listening)
"Did Ya Think" (#1 R&B)

All featured on numerous internet radio stations including "Cyberstation USA" with a listenership of over 2 million



Leila pronounced (Lay-la) is a multi talented, multilingual artist/songwriter that has the capability of reaching many different cultures and crossing many musical genres. A truly international artist, she was born in Argentina to Spanish parents, grew up in Barcelona and Valencia Spain and later moved to Canada.

Embracing Soul, R&B and Latin rhythms with "World" undertones in a style that is smooth, sultry and warm, Leila's sound is a soulful, seamless combination of passionate rhythms, percolating grooves, steamy, sensual vocals and romantic flamenco guitar.

Her independently released debut, “Of Life” with tracks recorded in both English and Spanish has resulted in a huge worldwide fan base! Recently voted best R&B artist on Cyberstation U.S.A. an online radio station with an audience of over 2 million listeners, Leila has also made the
top of every online music site she can be found on resulting in numerous features/interviews.

These include, the late MP3.com, (above numerous major label artists) and other sites as follows with:

* #1, #2 & #3 on the R&B chart
* #1, #2, #3 and #4 on the Soul chart
* #1 on the Latin/Pop charts
* #1 in Spiritual/Easy Listening
* #1 on the World Fusion chart
* #2 in the pop/love songs chart
* #16 on MP3.com Overall TOP 40 chart above 100,000 songs in all genres
* #1 on Soundclick
* #5 and #6 on Garageband
* The top 5 best rated R&B songs - Digizaar
* 6 out of the top 10 in DIGITAL SALES - Digizaar
* 5 out of the top 10 best rated World/Latin songs - Digizaar
* # 1 on Sonic Garden

**Charts are compiled from: most requested, most streams, digital sales, best rated, most added to playlists and song page traffic/hits!**


Her music has been featured on “The Young And The Restless” “Days Of Our Lives” “All My Children” HBO’s “Soulfood” series, “90210” and several made for tv movies including “They Call Me Sir” starring Michael Clark Duncan of “The Green Mile”


She has opened up in concert for Latin Grammy winners Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gisele, Charlie Zaa and Tony Vega at Mohegan Sun Arena and had the opportunity to perform at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch after receiving an invitiation to perform in order to help raise money for The Make A Wish Foundation.

Leila has also performed at The Globe Theatre (Univeral Studios) Hollywood, honoring the legendary Jim Henson and with her exciting Afro/Latin/Funk band and 11 dancers Leila has also appeared at BB King Blues Club - Foxwoods Resort and Casino and Summerfest 2006 to packed audiences!

Leila was also recently chosen as one of only 40 up and coming writers invited to attend the "Oneness Songwriter Summit" with such industry greats as Narada Michael Walden, MOTOWN LEGEND Lamont Dozier and KC Porter (of Santana, Toni Braxton and Ricky Martin fame) The song entitled "Change" co-written by Leila, K.C. and Frankie Richard (who has written for Patti Labelle) was recently released on the Oneness compilation CD entitled "Songs Of Hope And Unity," which features among others, Malik Yusef and Carl Thomas. Available at www.cdbaby.com/oneness

For more information and to hear Leila's songs log onto her official website www.leilasworld.com or visit www.cdbaby.com/cd/leila