Leila Florentino

Leila Florentino

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For fans of Elliott Smith, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, Dido...


Leila Florentino played Kim in Miss Saigon on Broadway. "Florentino sings compellingly. "-John Simon, NY Magazine. Leila has toured Southern California, New York City, Paris and London.



Written By: Leila Florentino

This is my piece of freedom
a breath of fresh air
He makes me rest so deeply
I have no fearful cares
A week is slowly passing
Until the night falls
The yellow moon above me
I'm at his beck and call
I've had a few surprises
They visit then they go
So frightful of my troubles
I keep my heart closed
I got myself a little boat
A little bed, an old brown coat
On winter nights my thoughts of him
They tell me freedom can grow thin
When the clock strikes twelve I'll sail out to sea
Singing songs of old memories

the well

Written By: leila florentino

i ring him up
he lets me come
but i still wonder bout what's been up
he turns to me
he says hello
i give him my heart
i wonder if he knows
does he know
should i tell
i've fallen into the deep dark well
i've fallen into the deep dark well
does he know
should i tell
a distant feeling has come about
between two children
who cannot shout
he throws a frisbee to an old friend
he gets it back in the end


Sail recently made it to the KCRW library.

Set List

Sit By Me
The Well
You'll Never Be Mine
Cold Cold Heart
I Want Him To Take Me Away
Talkin It Up
Young Girls Drink Coffee
Happiness Is Real

Set is 45 minutes