Leila Lopez

Leila Lopez


Leila Lopez has been described by her fans and the press as a cross between Fiona Apple and Ani Difranco, combining powerful imagery in her songwriting with the unique rhythmic styling of her guitar work. A musician since age 8, her refined playing has captivated listeners from all over the country.


Leila grew up in Tucson Arizona, surrounded by a musical family, and slowly began to cultivate a passion towards music at an early age. Encouraged by her family, Leila began to play Guitar when she was eight years old, and eventually moved on to learn the bass guitar, piano, cello, drums, banjo and mandolin. As an independent artist, Leila incorporates and often performs each of these instruments on her recordings in her home studio.

Leila's music was recognized in 2008 during the Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES) receiving an award for best female vocalist, and again in 2009 winning in both the female vocalist category, as well as an award for best folk artist.
In 2010 she won best female vocalist, best songwriter as well as best new release for her newest album Fault Lines.

Leila can be seen performing often around her home in Tucson Arizona, and the surrounding areas. The summer of 2013 will mark her fourth tour, the first of which being with her full band in tow.


The Roots and The Crops - 2006

Fault Lines - 2009