Quintessentially English fuzz'n'jangle regaling tales of loves lost and the world gone wrong that'll put a a spring in your step and a smile upon your face.


Hailing from East London, this guitar based five piece bring their own take on Indie Rock in the guise of “Fuzz‘n’Jangle”.

With a growing catalogue of songs about loves lost and the world gone wrong, set to either ripping guitars or quintessentially English summer-ey tunes. Leisurama are bringing their musical manifesto to an unsuspecting audience.

With two songs already available to download for free from last.fm and their debut single “The Lou Lou Song” now available to buy from all major online retailer, Leisurama are hoping to bring a little bit of Fuzz’n’Jangle to you very soon.

"We are Leisurama, we promised ya mother we wouldn't harm ya!"


Our First Two Songs (free CD):
- Jonny Jonny
- I.N.V.U.

The Lou Lou Song - single (download - Oct 10):
- The Lou Lou Song
- Southend Girl

Set List

1) Jonny Jonny
2) Go!
3) The Lou Lou Song
4) Lipstick Love
5) Southend Girl
6) I.N.V.U.
7) The Drowning Boy