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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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"Leisure - Green Light"

Leisure toured with Girls (the band, not just s a bunch of females) last year, but they changed their sound and are now back. With “Green Light,” Leisure sounds like U2 or The Cure filtered through a present-day indie rock sensibility. If you sped it up a little, added in some Coldplay caliber production, replaced the guitar work with something a little more straightforward, layered the vocals, and beefed up the drums, you might have yourself an arena rocker. But this isn’t that, and I’m glad. - Pigeons and Planes

"Green Light"

For about a month last spring I was convinced that Leisure was going to be huge, on the strength of their shows with Girls and one of the strongest (free) singles I'd heard all season (FADER called it a "string-laden baby Phoenix", though I don't know what ashes it would have been rising out of in that instance of the metaphor). More than a year later, I get a short email with a new song in it and all of a sudden they've got an album coming. The tone of "Green Light" is a bit different than their past tracks - less orchestral, having lost the beefy string accompaniment, but it feels like a solid continuation. - Get Off the Coast Blog


Following the previous post about the Brooklyn band Friends, we’re following it up with a band that are just as ignorant of SEO, but equally as tidy when it comes to writing some very special pop music. So far they only seem to have been noticed by a handful of US bloggers, but now that they’re in the process of completing their début album, Plastic Soul, the first few UK blogs are now being introduced to them to begin an initial campaign for what looks to be a very exciting prospect for either side of the Atlantic.

Leisure are a trio from Boston who deliver the kind of confident, alluring lounge pop music that used to be crooned out by Pulp, or even Space. The stylish frontman, Jed Rouhana, is a particularly fascinating prospect, with some rare star qualities. He looks great, with striking features, perhaps from his Palestinian roots, and has a swaggering confidence beyond their short experience. We cannot wait to watch them live, as the clips floating around Youtube are all enjoyable. He also hosts a very smooth voice, a natural skill when carried with this level of confidence, which is all the more remarkable considering he only selected to sing quite late in their formation.

The lead single off the debut album will be Early Morning Skies. It starts with a kind of stabbed synth riff akin to the likes of Class Actress, but after 50 seconds the full band reveals itself as the sound is blown wide open. It’s as exciting as the cinema curtains broadening when the film arrives after a lengthy spell of adverts, injecting a little pace to your pulse. The voice gets a lift in pitch, as Rouhana sings “what you want to have, what you cannot have, is Me“. Once the song hits full flow it’s a beautiful plateau with a view that’s penetrated by Christopher Link’s icy guitar shards and Sam Hamad’s grooved beats and basslines. Every layer is so perfectly designed it’s difficult resisting an instant replay.

Outside These Walls sounds a little post-punk, in the same way U2 did when they started out, although it’s in need of just as much polish as those early U2 outings. It’s Alright (On The Suez Canal) introduces strings, which warms up their sound to a woolly Badly Drawn Boy level, as Rouhana becomes the storytelling crooner. It’s utterly irresistible. Follow Me continues the shimmering panache, beginning slower, but once again we find Rouhana leading you along as he speaks directly to us. It’s a very clean and tidy three and half minutes, like all good pop songs, and the anticipation builds up - a trick they’ve really mastered – making you constantly feel like they’re about to deliver the song’s break. When it finally arrives we once again get the radiant groove that seems to be their signature move.

They’ve previously toured with San Francisco’s Girls back in April and the trio has two dates lined up in New York at the end of August, one at Littlefield and the other at Pianos. They’ve bottled the kind of romanticism of Wave Machines and the foppish charm of Jarvis Cocker at his comfortably lanky best and tipped it all into a timeless form of Tupperware pop. Just watch this performance of a live show from last September and – just like our beloved Jarvis – we find it impossible to take our eyes off the excellent, charismatic Rouhana. The UK will absolutely adore this band, and particularly him. This feels like the birth of a proper star. Their manager just informed us that the début album will be out this August, and so in due course we hope to find out if this nebulous becomes something truly stellar, but the fusion is spot on with this evidence. (MB) - The recommender (UK)/Mike Bradford (BBC6)


"Wearing a raincoat and a red sweater, Jed takes hold of the set...Looking so cool and louche, Jed moved across the stage with a fluidity and an arrogance..." - Rock NYC

"New Music: Leisure"

It isn't too often I get excited about a new Boston band. To be fair, there are some great local bands - Magic Magic, Pants Yell, Hallelujah The Hills, to name a few - but few hook me on first listen the way Leisure have.

Leisure is a four piece from Cambridge and have somehow slipped below my radar until now. They are generously giving away their new 7", It's Alright (On the Suez Canal), free of charge (available here and below). The A side is a breezy, baroque/british pop-influenced track in the vein of mid-career Kinks or Beatles. The B side, Outside These Walls also draws influence from the other side of the Atlantic, but fast forwards about 15 years to new wave/post-punk. Both are excellent, check them

Leisure will be opening for Girls on their upcoming east coast tour, which kicks off April 1 at the Paradise. Tour dates and more music on their myspace. - Visible Voice

"Girls, Dum Dum Girls & Leisure @ Webster Hall"

Cambridge's Leisure opened the show (like they'll do four more times on the tour). More pictures from it, and some videos, below... - Brooklyn Vegan

"Band of the Week"

Every week we dub a new band that you've never heard of as the Band of the Week! This week it's Leisure from Cambridge, Mass. - PopTartsSuckToasted

"The Barometer"

Gentle yet spirited, elegant chamber pop with Beatles flavours from the Massachussetts indie-pop trio. - The Independent - UK

"Love Fool"

You know the feeling of finding that one unexpected, instantly recognisable handwritten letter in amongst a pile of bills and junk mail? Well that’s kinda how we felt when this dropped in our inbox covered all over with the GIRLS stamp of approval. Sometimes the name just fits and Boston’s LEISURE wear their monicker well on this laid back, life-affirming track which wistfully skips and strolls along its silk stringed, gently blooming melody. Make it alright everywhere when their 7” lands in mid-April. - Transparent Blog

"Leisure: "It's Alright (On the Suez Canal)""

Cambridge, Mass., indie-poppers Leisure don't seem to have more than a smattering of tracks to their name, but they're joining a tour with one of 2009's bigger success stories, Girls, as well as Rising garage rockers Dum Dum Girls. Free mp3 "It's Alright (On the Suez Canal)" has baroque orchestral touches and an easy pop sweep. The band's offering this song, as well as the new wave-y "Outside These Walls", as a free download over at their MySpace. - Pitchfork

"Leisure – “Outside These Walls” & “It’s Alright (On The Suez Canal)”"

Cambridge, MA trio Leisure’s reminiscent of Apple Venus-era XTC well aware of Zach Condon. But only if Andy Partridge had a bit more Brett Anderson in his blood. The group’s doing a few shows with Girls and Dum Dum Girls, so their well-written pop songs should hit more ears soon enough: Get acquainted via the laid-back strings and English gardens of “It’s Alright (On The Suez Canal)” and its edgier Cure-esque B-Side “Outside These Walls.” You’ll basically be standing on two different beaches. - Sterogum

"Leisure, “It’s Alright (On the Suez Canal)”"

Headed out to play some shows with Girls starting this week, Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Leisure have got their own brand of pop happening. Like a string-laden baby Phoenix, “It’s Alright (On the Suez Canal),” has a touch of drama with a heavier sense of light melody. April showers preppy group harmonies bring May flowers
- The Fader Magazine



Suez EP



Leisure's is a trio from Massachusetts. After touring the US with San Francisco's Girls in 2010, they Self-Produced their Debut Album, Plastic Soul.