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Leisure Scream @ The Alchemist Lounge

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Leisure Scream @ Kirkland Cafe

Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Leisure Scream @ Milky Way Lounge

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



The best song about the state of the nation today. - KXLU, Los Angeles (Peter Choyce)

Old Glory is a riot! - WZBC, Boston (Tracey Stark)

I’m pinching myself here, because I can’t believe that there isn’t one dud in my stack of CDs to review this month. Leisure Scream’s The Color of Danger is a cerebral mix of smartly written songs, and the proven ability to pull them off. I’d be remiss not to mention the unavoidable comparison to The Grateful Dead and their ilk. While mellow and slow going, there is nothing lazy happening here. It’s all working, and working hard. I’m not completely unaware that I have a certain weakness for gals with names that rhyme, so if it sounds like I’m gushing, it’s because I am. Nancy Lancy (keyboard, percussion) provides backup vocal perfection to John Daly’s heartfelt and authentic delivery. When she (Nancy Lancy) takes the limelight in “Tree,” she takes a song that could be most annoying and actually makes it work. Yes, it does go Tree. Tree. Tree. But I can live with that. I’m smitten, and expect to listen to this one even when I don’t have to. - THE NOISE, Boston (Feb 07)

I'm not just going to play one song tonight—I'm going to play the whole album—it's THAT good. - WOMR, Provincetown (Brad Moore)

'Old Glory' did offend me. I love my country;our forefathers fought
for our freedom;that is our flag, our symbol that represents freedom! How can you even ask the question 'why'? Ask why be an American citizen. Maybe you guys should move to Canada - WPIX, Hyannis (Suzanne Tonaire)


Full-length LP: Color of Danger (2006, Cellphone Records)



Leisure Scream unites three Boston-based musicians and singer-songwriters: cabaret performer Nancy Lancy, roots rocker John Daly, and glam pop artist Johnny Saco. This fertile collaboration of varied musical styles has given birth to an infectious and alluring sound influenced by a wide range of bands from Talking Heads to Jefferson Airplane to The Grateful Dead.