Leisure Sound

Leisure Sound


Leisure Sound is an all new eco-friendly funk reggae project. It has come to take form through experimenting with the jazz and reggae genres. We like to describe the music as a unique fusion of Ska, Dub, and Americana remaining experimental in nature and wonderfully broad in appeal.


Leisure Sound was born out of a need to innovate a new sound. Our music is a hybridization of reggae and funk. It also incorporates folkloric aspects by talking about issues pertaining to the Puget Sound. Our famous song, Chief Seattle, will inspire people to move on the dance floor as will our funky Afro beat inspired Ode to Sasquash. We aim to educate people while they listen to our all-original music.


Chief Seattle

Written By: Orin Henselyn

Chief Seattle was a very great man I knew
Chief Seattle was a very wise man, oh yeah
He was wise beyond his many years
Oh Great Chief forget about all your cares
He was forced to deal with the with the white man
Never meant to sell out his fans
Chief Seattle was a very good man oh yeah

Seattle was a fierce warrior I knew
In his Leisure he loved to roam the Sound
Before commercialization of his town
before pollution of the Mighty Sound
[he was] Forced to sign on the dotted line
blue eyed devil said it would be fine
Chief Seattle was a very great man I knew


"The Demo", recorded at Front Burner Studio currently unreleased.

Set List

Cloak & Dagger (Lee Perry and the Upsetter)
Mr. Green
Bad Card
Chief Seattle
Itchey City
Tony's Dub
Bad Man
Ode to Sasquatch
Ancient Semerians-
Dirty Pegion
Assault on Babylon
Summertime (Gershwin)
Nica’s Dream (Horace Silver)
Dub Sac March
Mr. P.C. (John Coltrane)