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Do you remember the first time you open up a new "Tribe Called Quest" CD or a "De La Soul" CD? I'm bringing that feeling back to hip hop. The feeling of knowing an artist worked hard and considered his fans by putting out classic hip hop.


As hip hop enters its fourth decade and obviously shifting as it has done
since its inception. It is looking for its new leaders, innovators, and
visionaries. Lejend is poised to be at the head of that class. He debuted
in 2005, with his "Unconditional" album, which featured lush
beats from Champion Mathlete. It was well-recieved by the underground
and the DallasWeekly said "his debut was a sound like no other
out of his region". Garnishing numerous shows in Dallas and Denton
and shows in Austin and Waco. Not to mention opening for Count Bass D
in Austin on the world famous Sixth Street and Planet Asia and
Self Scientific at the historic Erykah Badu's Black Forest theatre.

Constantly grindin' and networking, he has been building upon his buzz
by independently releasing his first official mixtape, "Dj Assada & Lejend
Presents Industry Standard" and he is on the verge of his latest mixtape,
"The Metropolis" with one of the region's hottest Dj, B-Smoove.
As 2008 approaches, Lejend looks to evolve as an artist, entrprenuer,
and activist. He will lauch his new label called "Garvey Prospects Media"
which will tap into a talent stream that will produced the stars of the
next movement. Manifesting his creativity in ways besides rhyming,
his clothing line by the same name of his label will take an unique
perspective on urban fashion highlighting historic figures that affected
change and he said his garments will be "underground upscale". He will
donate one dollar from the sales of the next mixtape to SAVE DARFUR
orangizations "I feel If I have to speak about issues and shed light or
change the situations with my music then that's what I want to do".

Lejend is currently working on his second studio album entitled
"The Great Truth". With a slews of upcoming shows, new business ventures
and a new album, Lejend is taking control of his destiny as he rises
above the naysayers.


Unconditional LP (2005)
Dj Assada and lejend presents "Industry Standard Mixtape" (2006)
Dj B Smoove and Lejend presents "The Metroplis Mixtape" (2008)
Diaspora Dialec presents Complex Simplicity EP (2008)
The Great Truth LP (2008)

Set List

Watch the World
Life to Learn
a detour Shaf
Its Lejend
Glass Jawz
The Metropolis