Houston, Texas, USA

A soulful singer,songwriter,producer and perormer with a distinct heart felt sound set out to touch the hearts and minds of todays society. Sound is very similar to a Glenn Lewis,Stevie Wonder,Charlie Wilson or Jodeci but with a more futuristic sound.


LeJuan Samuel is a young soulful singer from the urban streets of Houstan, Texas set out to bring back pure soul to the world of rythm and blues. LeJuan started singing and playing the drums and the piano at a very young age in his local church choir. Being compared to Stevie Wonder ,Charlie Wilson and Donnie Hathaway his sound was definately heart felt and destinct. He would travel all over Texas singing gospel music but when he reached his teenage years he left the church to join the world of rythm and blues. Noticing his deep desire to perfect his craft his parents invested in several lessons and built him his own recording studio where he began to write and compose the soundtrack to his life. Entering his high school years he picked up the guitar and began to teach himself to play. He joined the jazz band and became a vital part of his high school jazz band rythm section. Catching the attention of several local promoters and producers he met Aaron Luster a writer and producer formally of Left Eye Productions. He introduced LeJuan to Chris Herbert formally of the Arista Records recording group NIIU. Chris introduced LeJuan to his younger brother super producer Vincent Herbert of Three Boyz Newark Productions where he moved LeJuan to Newark, New Jersey an began to teach him whatever he could about the music business. While living in Newark LeJuan completed high school and was in several failing music groups. Angry and confused LeJuan returned to Houston,Texas where he built a state of the art recording facility and started the Roc Da Block Entertainment record label. He began producing for every and anybody he could to create his sound and became a big imprint in Houstons sea of producers. He has worked with Kim Burrell,Nikki Ross, Choppa,Brandy,Dallas Blocker and several others. In the winter of 2009 LeJuan began to work on his own solo album using all of his life experiences to compose a very soul piercing collection of music. Now on his own he's prepared to really attack the world.


Boom (from upcoming album Nothing Else Matters)

Set List

1 Guitar Rig
1 Drumset
1 Bass Rig
1 Keyboard Amp
1 Cordless Mic