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Metuchen, New Jersey, United States

Metuchen, New Jersey, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


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Released 4/2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Starting with a search for truth at the age of 7, Lek became disenchanted with systematic life as most people know it, continually frustrated in school and later on university, watching the ongoings around him like a dream. Staring in the mirror for hours at a time, he tried to break down the perceptions of space and time, searching for the truth many philosophers have for time immemorial. After going through the motions at university and completing his undergraduate degree in pre-med and psychology, Lek’s music composition began. Having taken classical piano as a child, Lek threw himself into the study of guitar and immediately started composing songs.

Songwriting and Spiritual Search proceeded simultaneously, and humorously, concommitantly, in that both were frustrating and semmingly fruitless. With a unique style, Lek found it hard to meet other musicians on the same wavelength, and the spiritual search led him to deep bouts with depression.

LEK left the east coast, his girlfriend, family, and all semblances of reality for the hippy heartland of the Bay Area, and more specifically, Berkeley, in order to “leave the world” and seek spiritual enlightenment following a guru from India. This was 1994, and at the time, mighty strange to most folk, as ‘guru’, ‘yoga’ and ‘ashrams’ were damn weird and not ‘buzz words’ that might be heard today in a children’s cartoon or in an article in the New York Times. Music took a backseat, as Lek the ‘monk’ acted like a ‘monkey’, hooting, hollering, and jumping around like a madman continually frustrated that he hadn’t yet found God. After three years of “advancing” in his spiritual disciplines, Lek left his life in America for India and Southeast Asia in order to - hmmmm, I don’t know, let’s just say ‘get the fuck out’.

Backpacking around by himself for many months, Lek was enchanted with the backpacking life of a nomad, but eventually fell in love with and settled in the country of Thailand. So much in love, so much in love. Lek studied the language voraciously, fell in love with the locals and culture, and became another beloved ‘farang’ in the Land of Smiles.

Then one day, a Thai friend let Lek borrow her guitar. That was all that was needed, and the deepest and most important part, neigh, the DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE WHOLE LIFE FORCE OF LEK bit him in the ass and shoved HIM back to America.

With renewed passion and dedication, Lek is devoting himself to succeeding in the art that drives his whole being, the art without which there would be no reason for him to live – MUSIC.

I hope you enjoy the music, the lyrics, the website, as it has been a labor, and I mean a LABOR of love. Everything is from the bottom of my heart, the bottom of my soul, full of truth… nothing contrived nor written with an agenda.

Lek continues to travel to as many countries as he can for as many months as he can, backpacking with his guitar, singing songs to townfolk in other countries, jamming with local bands in Mexico, Thailand, or anywhere he might find willing folk. When he comes back to the grand ole USA, he devotes himself to composing the best songs he can, recording them to as high a sound quality as possible (spending all his money on ampex tape machines and awesome tube microphones), and spending every last minute of the day bleary eyed and weak on music or with his family and new baby daughter. Oh yeah!