Lek Fonq

Lek Fonq

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

The music of Lek Fonq is influenced by the vintage sounds of funk, disco and soul and blended with a modern mix of electronic beats and percussion. Amongst all the technology, song is key. Lek Fonq’s new EP and film clip is called ‘Inner Rhythm’.


The band Lek Fonq consists of original members David Ciura (lead vocals/production), Olivier Fabre (guitar/backing vocals) and Joe Tomarchio (synths/sequencer/vocals). The band plays live sets with guest bass, drums and percussion players.
David started collaborating his music productions with guitarist Olivier in 2004; they then turned the studio outfit into a live group with the addition of synth player Joe Tomarchio in 2005. Since forming as a group, Lek Fonq plays regularly at venues throughout Sydney and have toured through various clubs and venues along the east coast of Australia.
As a producer David Ciura has released his music productions overseas via various streams including TV sitcoms, CD compilations and ring tones. The productions of David Ciura and Lek Fonq have also featured on JJJ, 2SER, BONDI FM, FBI, PBS radio stations and on inthemix.com.au podcasts.
Lek Fonq successfully released their first EP in 2007 and after various plays on local radio and podcasts. Their much anticipated film clip and follow-up EP called ‘Inner Rhythm’ was released May 7 in stores through Australia and digitally Worldwide.
For bookings, contact David Ciura on +61 413 117 250 or email david@lekmusic.com.au
Visit www.lekmusic.com.au or www.myspace.com/lekfonq for upcoming gigs and Inner Rhythm Video & EP release dates.


Lek Fonq (2007)
Inner Rhythm (2010)