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"In Rotation: Lekule"

Emerging Artist
Brooklyn NY

What keeps me sane: In 1986, I wrote, "The only thing that keeps me from self-termination is the great possibility of reaching my destination." Those words still hold true.

Most humbling moment: When I had to go temp for the company I'd left 1 1/2 years prior to pursue an independent styling career. The entire department wound up standing in front of my cubicle as they entered a meeting. I was so embarrassed my glasses steamed up.

Things I obsess about: How to better manage my day, thus manage my life.

Guilty pleasures: Why would I feel guilty about my pleasures?

My kind of folk: Those who believe in themselves and aren't afraid to be about their purpose.

Wackest shit out there: Loud music with nothing to sing about.

Scariest moment: On November 2, 2002, a voice spoke loudly in my spirit and said, "Your life will not be in vain." Right then, I knew that my dreams were God’s plan and that all of the visions and ideas I had for myself (some of which came to me at a very young age) were not a figment of my imagination--they were a reflection of my destiny. Life, as I had once knew it, would no longer be the same. Although I embraced and celebrated this awakening with every fiber of my being, seeing my truth was like seeing my death…they’re both inevitable. I picked up a guitar in January 2003 and I haven’t looked back.

Books that changed my life: The Autobiography of Malcolm X, anything James Baldwin ever wrote, Siddhartha, and Awakening the Giant Within.

Musicians who move me: I gotta walk backwards on this one. Right now, I’m sweating Franz Ferdinand & Incubus. Before them were Jet, Mondo Diao, Kings of Leon and the post-modern rockers, and The White Stripes.

I listened to Nirvana for the first time about 18 months ago and I must say, Kurt Cobain gave me my life back. Where the fuck was I when they were on the scene??? Months prior to that, I let Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison get my soul right--beyond their music, it was just them that moved me. When Erykah came in '98, I swear I thought I was going to lose it. She was on a whole ’nother page and I so needed to be there. Lauryn Hill’s MTV Music Awards performance circa '98 got me caught up. I lie to you not when I say that I rewound those few minutes of her set rolling out onto the stage from the time it aired, until 3-something in morning. Each time felt like the first.

Those initial artists who ignited a fire: James Brown, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Prince (I saw his "Controversy" tour and didn’t sleep for 2 days), Sade, Michael Jackson because he owned the stage during his time. Madonna made me want to be me.

I heard Kanye’s "Jesus Walks" for the first time about a month ago while in Miami and had an outer body experience. He played his big joker on that one… Now that's the type of mind I'm talking about.

Plans for the future: "To turn the world right side out"…check Slippery When Wet for details. But most immediately, I’ll be singing about the Sexy Bitch who forgot that we were born Free which always gives me the Lekule Blues at CBGB’s Gallery, 8:30pm, June 28, 2004.

"Son of Mary" coming to a stage near you on September 11, 2004.

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Regina R. Robertson

http://www.thecrusade.net/words/mt-archives/000448.shtml - The Crusade.net


Babe Cousin, B4 2 L8, diggit (DirtyDistraction)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lekule arrived in New York City from Milwaukee on Halloween night haunted by his lifelong dream to entertain, and armed with a B.A. in Music Business and Vocal Performance from Columbia College Chicago. Within weeks Lekule landed a dream gig at Sony Music Epic Records Group. At first, his newfound, insider post at Sony, fueled his passion to be a star. Soon however, insecurity set in. Lekule began to compare his creative vision as an artist to the vocal talent and prevailing trends of the day and he lost his nerve. He suppressed his childhood dream of singing and channeled his entrepreneurial verve into the launch of an independent styling company. Although successful, styling proved not to be the life Lekule envisioned.

Once again he shifted gears, closed shop and began to face the biggest fear of them all— the fear being himself. He began to explore and express his inner thoughts through poetry and spoken word. Few may have heard the piece Lekule penned and spoke, “Love Me” featuring Roy Ayers on the Ray Chew and Crew album “Feelin’ It.” As a way of vicariously living out his dream and purpose of coming to the big city, Lekule also wrote, performed and produced a one-man show “Diary of a SupaSTAR” at the famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Lekule’s sound is as lyrical and unique as his name. Lekule credits his Tanzanian father, whom he never met, for his one and only name and his sense of destiny. There is verifiably only one Lekule in America, and the depth and scope of Lekule’s creative vision characterizes a man in search of his roots. Today his gritty soulful voice and music are integrally woven with 80’s Funk & 70’s Rock as heard in the ditty “diggit…(DirtyDistraction).” Rhythm Hip-Hop and Blues drive Lekule’s passionate delivery of “babe cousin,” which is an open appeal to one of his close relatives.

Emerging from the etymology of his name, “Believer of the Spirit Within,” Lekule believes each day his dreams (just as everyone else’s) are to be lived and fulfilled. Finally Lekule has come full circle to what he loves and does the best, writing, singing, and performing. With the intent of a Piped-Piper, Lekule creates songs to effect positive change in the world which can be heard in his trademark song “B4 2 L8.” Many ask, “What is his sound?” Though there is no denying the many influences on his soul, listen and you will soon come to know it definitively as Lekule.