Leland Clay

Leland Clay


Acousitc, soulful, with southern roots but not southern rock. Comparable to Jack Johnson but less likely to put you to sleep. Observatins on the human condition, and self realization rather than stereotypical subject matter, while still delving into love & heart break.Everybody has a different take


I grew up in the south, living as well as learning the blues. I feel like ive found myself to have an original voice (this has gotten back to me trough feedback & what not). Im not afraid to sound like myself. When youre truly enjoying what you're doing people tend to pick up on it, performing is getting to know oneself, and expressing said self effortlessly.
For the last two years ive giged locally with mostly cover band Echoing Blue, playing funk, reggae,blues,hiphop,classic rock, modern rock and a few originals. We played around 200 shows, local radio station 92.1WZEW broadcasted us live for an event at The BlueGill. Venues include the Flora Bama, the Ravenite, Callaghan's (revued by Esquire Magazine to be restuarant of the year in '07)and many more. While playing with the band was great experience making performing much easier, Ive had to strike out alone (momentarily) to persue my original compositions. I currently Host Songwriters' Night At Serda's Coffee Co. and I have plans to play at venues known for original acts.

Set List

Set 1

1.)Ought not to
2.)Russina Lullaby(inving Berlin)
3.)Echoing Blue
4.)Cold & Alone
5.)Aint no sunshine(cover Bill withers) into...
6.)Queen Bee
7.)Cheap Buy
8.)Malted Milk(trad. blues)
10.)Heart Holds
12.)Daydreams & Nightmares
13.)Big Tree
14.)Only Remember
15.)Black Mountainside(Led Zepplin instrumental)
~~~break 15 min, hydration!

Set 2

1.)Ganster Of Love(Johnny Guitar Watson)
4.)Black Majic Woman(Santana)
5.)Grotesque Beauty
6.)Story of You
8.)Lonely Wind
9.)Malted Milk(Trad. blues)
10.)Lying too
11.)Life By the Drop(SRV)
12.)Hopeless Negativity
13.)The Rake(Townes Van Zandt)
14.)Dont take it too Bad( Townes Van Zandt)
~~~Break 15 min, meditation

Set 3

1.)Breaking the Girl(RHCP)
2.)Object of desire
3.)Islands Inside
4.)Redemption Song(Bob Marley)
5.)Ow! My Chi!
6.)Real One
7.)Where I Wanna Be
8.)Secondhand Poetry
9.)Simply Exist
10.)Truth o