Lela Sada is a superstar in the making and a diamond find to the music industry with her strong pop vocals, electric dance moves, and charming personality! Audiences will be on there feet when Lela Sada tears down the stage, and dancing to the beat when the radio blasts her singles!


Lela Sada, is the entire package, a talented entertainer with stunning looks and a crazy adventurous personality. Lela Sada's ethnic mix of African American, Indian, and Caucasian descent makes her aware of the different cultures and audiences she's determined to win-over. Writing all of her music and working with excellent producers she is creating music that moves people. 'I want them to dance, laugh, cry...just to feel again...music is supposed to move you.!"
Lela Sada's fresh take on music and life will be a tidal wave that washes over the music industry and the world. Her desire to share with her fans everything vulnerable and desirable about being human and happy will be felt through all of her creative ventures...........are you ready?

Lela Sada is currently living in Los Angeles, CA
You can contact her by email or her other social medias!


"Handle ME"
"California Breeze"

Set List

Lela Sada's goal is to turn the venue into a rave electronic dance club. Full of sexy exciting energy, and then slowing it down with sweet pop vocals before ending the show with another smash of dance hits! Lela Sada's typical set list lasts 30-40 minutes.