Lelu (n. lee-loo) are a three-piece out of Melbourne, with a distinct sound formed from three players waiting, watching, and dicing like a drunken chef on a late night cook-up.

With influences from the likes of Bowie, Dinosaur Jr, and Kashmir, their blend of rhythm and melody will enter your nervous system, throw your mood, and wake you up to the happenings left of the brain.

Growing up in and around Shepparton, middle-north Victoria, they headed to Melbourne separately, only to meet again and begin to create what is now the eclectic, electric music of Lelu

Their self titled debut e.p was recorded at the foot of the Victorian Alps in Benalla, between freezing conditions, merry midnight adventures, and fearing for their life at the local (see Deliverance, Wolf Creek), the e.p shows where they’ve come from, what they do, and where they will go…

Set List

Ideas falling like melbourne rain in summer, Lelu have no shortage of songs, and its on stage where they bloom and are harvested, distorted and re-written... a comfortable and energetic 40 minute set at least.