Enter this terminal to experience, pop jazz, soul, trip hop and dance. Experience Urban Lounge Music.


Lem is an EMI songwriter, producer, budding artist. He has played keys for many working producers, written songs with signed artists abroad and done remixes under the moniker Mood II Swing with producer, John Ciafone for over 10 years in the business. Terminal Love is the first series of compilations to
showcase his current production in an urban lounge set. Vocalists, Lea-Lorien, Chandler Pennyfeather and guitarist Thom Loubet and
Andre Netto and producer Phillip Zurmohle are brought on board in this set. A full band is currently in the works to showcase this CD.
The music combines pop jazz progressions with urban/latin beats adding some electronic elements designed for a lounge atmophere.
Major influences are Jam& Lewis, Van Hunt, Vikter Duplaix, Stuart Matthewman, Maxwell, Radiohead, Kenny Dope and Lil Louie Vega and a few electronic producers.


Reach 4 U

Written By: L. SPringsteen

Verse1: Let me climb your steps into
When we're close together you
make me feel that I
Can Lose my cool
Theres no rules
You're the truth so do what you do
I reach for you
Chorus: I reach for you

Verse 2: Finally I found everything with you
Destiny somehow got me so into
Every touch from your fingertips
Got me floating on waves
You revive love inside of me
Every single day
I reach for you

Chorus: I reach for you

Bridge: You're the reason that I feel
the way I do
You give me butterflies
Make me fly high so high
Like the seasons change
every feeling with you is new
You keep the sun shining, its so bright
in my life

Chorus: I reach for you


Written By: Lem Springsteen

-Let's spend the day in central park
-No clouds in sight
-Just a blanket for you and I
-Love in your eyes, as we lay
-Doesn't matter how we spend time

Chorus: joy, you bring me joy

Bhook : You know you bring me repeat 4x
You know you bring me joy


Terminal Love is the first release project!
No radio airplay yet.