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Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | SELF

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | SELF
Band EDM Pop


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"Lemaitre II"

"(...)Both songs feature more of the same from the Norwegian group. Soothing and captivating vocals; unique electronic melodies and samples; and skilled implementation of live instruments. I don’t know if you knew this, but unlike most bands, more of the same from Lemaitre means utter epicness. Take a listen and you’ll soon understand." - Upsidesounds


" The production on this track is sublime, with his rough and jagged-like vocals complimenting the instrumental perfectly. I don’t think they could have made this song any better." - Toastedtunes


"Think Daft Punk, Justice, and Pretty Lights with the expected superior dj work (Ketil), and then add in perfectly positioned synthed vocals and a live electric guitar (Ulrik) and you get Lemâitre's masterful creation bringing dancy house and smooth indie pop together. "
"2010 provided a ton of amazing musical discoveries, but Lemaitre was one of the best." - Troysnoise

"[Experimentronic] Lemaitre – The Friendly Sound + Nishio"

The latest in the overwhelming but welcome batch of glitchy electronic artists with unbelievable potential is Lemâitre, a duo out of Oslo, Norway. The duo has only released a few songs and I don’t even know if they’ve got a website other than their soundcloud page, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make a big impression. They seem to have a good grasp on taking a bunch of random noises and samples and assembling them in a way that makes perfect sense. Take a listen to a few of their tracks and let us know what you think. - The Music Ninja


Extended Play: Lemâitre – The Friendly Sound

Even though the songs were given out separately, I’ll go on and name this the best EP of the year, because it’s got five A+ songs that everyone needs to hear.
- Musigh.com

"Lemaitre - The Friendly Sound"

Maybe it’s always been around and I’ve just never noticed it until this year, or maybe it’s blown up this year, but delicious, glitchy experimental music seems to be everywhere these days, and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. The latest example is from Norwegian duo Lemaitre. I can’t really find any info on these guys and the only website I could find was their soundcloud page. But the mystery intrigues me even further. So here are a few tracks below to give you an idea, and then you can check out some more at their Soundcloud page. Nishio is the glitchy goodness I was talking to you about. Seemingly unrelated single note samples all put together to make something so much greater than the sum of its parts. And then there’s “The Friendly Sound”, which is not quite as glitchy but equally as tasty for the ears. Starts out a bit slow, but once it hits, it hits in a big way with some awesome melodies that remind me a lot of Royksopp’s “Eple” with a sort of 8-bit twist at times. Just some really good scheisse here kids. - Daily Beatz

"Unclouded Judgement"

Just when I think there’s nothing special going on in terms of music, Lemâitre releases yet another song. Trust me, these guys are going places very soon. - Musigh

"Revenge of the Synth: Five Electronic Acts that Don´t Suck"

Lemaitre is DJ duo, Ulrik and Ketil from Oslo, Norway and with only three songs out they are about as fresh to the scene as fresh can get. And yet despite their noobery, they have put out some of the strongest, well-produced debut tracks I’ve heard in a good long wile. The vocalist (not sure who it is) reminds me of Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur)…only Norwegian…and while the lyrics are sometimes nonsensical, they sound pretty damn fine over some seriously funky electronica beats, and the occasional dope European trance msk untz msk untz. Think the Gorillaz meets Deadmau5 meets The Golden Filter meets The Twelves in Norway. Keep your eye on these guys…they are incredibly talented and could easily blow up. - Nick Kinni


Lemaitre has released an EP, "The Friendly Sound", and are working on a new one at the moment. The EP was named the best EP of 2010 by Musigh.com. Many of our songs has recieved much airtime on national radio in Lithuania, and we have been getting lots of plays on KCRW, a very influential LA radio station and on the national radio station P3 in Norway. We have also recieved airtime in several other countries.



Lemaitre is a Norwegian indie-electronic duo who formed in the summer of 2010. Together, Ketil & Ulrik create raging disco beats, mixed with soft synthphrases and gripping melodies. When playing live they combine live instruments, not so live instruments and good old live vocals. In their short career, Lemaitre has gained a following from all over the world.The Friendly Sound EP was released at the end of 2010, and the duo are currently working on new material and playing shows wherever the music takes them. Lemaitre is influenced by artists like Justice, Phoenix, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Noisia, Ratatat and Röyksopp.

So far in 2011, the band have played at high profile festivals like Øya, Slottsfjell, and Hove as well as trips to California and Lithuania for one off shows.