Pop/Folk, with big 60's and 70's influnces, a sunny outlook, a flair for a good melody and psychedelic storytelling!


we are orchestral folk pop with incredibly catchy and well structured melodies and bathed in summer sunshine. Our influences include Bob Dylan, Gomez, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Show of Hands, Silver Sun, Super Furry Animals, Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson... 50's Rock and Roll, 60's Psychedelia, 70's Soul, 80's Rock, 90's Indie.... to name a few. the four piece have grown and devloped and now are priveleged to play with up to 7 people in a great stage mini-orchestra, which is a great spectacal and makes great music. We have great fun making our music and want everyone to enjoy it too.


EP - Lemanis
LP - Shell, released 2007
LP - the Truth about a Push Me Pull You, released 2009
song that was released on a compilation by Whimsical Records reached the top 20 in one of the Australian Indie Radio charts

Set List

We will typically play around 12 songs, from the two LPs. We have a repertoiure of about 5 covers, of which we usually play 1 or 2 during a live set. Examples include It Doesn't Matter Any More - Buddy Holly, The Weight - The Band, Sloop John B - the Beach Boys.