Le Meu Le Purr

Le Meu Le Purr


controlled chaos in a world of hooks and harmonies


LE MEU LE PURR is now a four piece with Aaron Johnson (vocals, guitar, keys), Robin Ryder (drums, vocals), Scott Okuma (bass, vocals) and Armand Tambouris (guitar, keys, vocals), out of Ventura, CA, that has reinvented pop as we know it, but it wasn’t always this way. Back in a time long ago, well ok so it was only 2003, two members of a band were getting bored. Aaron Johnson and Robin Ryder, best friends since the age of six and playing music together since they can remember, so on a cloudy day Robin dared Aaron to write new material, 20 songs in 30 days, and well what Aaron was writing became clear that it wasn’t for their band the songs were new, powerful and pop, really they had only one answer start a new band so while Aaron and Robin continued to play with the songs they had to find that perfect bassist. Scott Okuma was in a band that had kind of become a sensation, but because of management issues they were calling it quits. So what happened that crossed these paths? Some say fate, some say destiny, I say genius. From the moment these three guys picked up their instruments in a room together what they did was pure genius. Aaron and Robin had found their perfect bassist in Scott. Now at this point the usual thing would be to start booking shows and get your live set down then maybe in a year record an album. Well they did the opposite. After jamming and reworking some of the songs and with only being a band for a month that has never played a show, the guys came to an agreement with Blackbird Music to record a record. Aaron, Robin and Scott got renowned indie producer Armand Tambouris to produce and record the album. Now don’t get a head of yourself, we’re not there yet. By March 2004 “The Sweet Smell of Asphalt” had been born and the proud parents, LE MEU LE PURR, set out to get their live set perfect and in July of 2004 the three piece played their first show in Santa Barbara, CA to rave reviews in all the local papers. LE MEU LE PURR spent the next few months playing shows everywhere but their hometown of Ventura to develop the explosive live show they have now, then on October 12th 2004 Ventura had their prayers answered. Blackbird Music released “The Sweet Smell of Asphalt” to stores and LE MEU LE PURR played their record release show to a sold out audience at Ventura’s Livery Theater. Now it begins to look like a typical band story but LE MEU LE PURR has never been the usual band. After a couple tours and their following quickly growing LE MEU LE PURR got back in the studio with Armand in March 2005 and began recording the songs that would grow into the beast of an album called “A New Canvas”. Now a lot of things happened over those two and a half years, but it’s not necessary to really go into detail, just know that LE MEU LE PURR toured their asses off to bring this album to you today. Now enter Armand Tambouris again but this time behind a guitar, why you ask? Well its rather simple because he too is a genius, Armand is a brilliant guitarist, good singer and knows the music of LE MEU LE PURR better than anyone else. So in the summer of 2007 “the forth member” officially joined them onstage for the first time and I must say as someone who was there LE MEU LE PURR finally is complete. What the future holds for LE MEU LE PURR is up to you, tell your friends, your family, your pets and anyone else that will listen Because with your help “A New Canvas” will open a new chapter in LE MEU LE PURR’s life, after all that is what the albums about. For those of us that have been involved this whole time LE MEU LE PURR we know that LE MEU LE PURR is not olny a band its a family and one that I am very proud to be a part of. Thanks Guys! -Travis Whitlock


"A New Canvas" 2007
1. Concrete Butterfly
2. Pulses
3. The Focus
4. Sharing Orchids
5. Chemicals
6. A New Canvas
7. Dance Like Dreamers
8. Medical Animals
9. Celebrate
10. 35th Anniversary
11. Bi Polar (she's got it all)
12. Interior

Various Artists - Public Service Broadcast #8 2006
(UK only released comp)
1. Le Meu Le Purr - Crunching Numbers
2. Optimist Club - String Of Noughts
3. The Dangerfields - Twilight Zone
4. Blood Red Shoes - Stitch Me Back
5. Atoms For Peace - Footsie
6. Dead Or American - Liquidation
7. Clone Quartet - Hold On
8. Leila Zerai - This Is A Song About Horses
9. Only Lovers Left Alive - Cold
10. Breakneck Static - Fragile Appearance
11. The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Mozart On 33
12. Giveamanakick - Bobby Dazzler
13. Saleontomorrow - Call And Response
14. Orko - Paper, Scissors, Stone
15. Sunset Gun - Not The One
16. Projections - Leave The Room
17. TEAM - Punk Rock Motors
18. V Formation - Hey
19. The Elephant Rescue Plan - Fifteen
20. The Siegfried Sassoon - Three Easy Steps
21. Cats And Cats And Cats - Young Person's Guide To Becoming A Rockstar
22. Frank Turner - Sunshine State

"The Sweet Smell of Asphalt" 2004
1.We Know Who You Are
2.Pop Rocks and Soda
3. Sharing Orchids
4. Photograph
5.Yeah Right
6.Slow dance Sunday
7. Seaward at Midnight
8. Adhesive
9.The Day After
10.The Swan