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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"LA Record Live Review - Unknown Theater"

Then came Lemon Sun. Girls were hot for the band (and secretly so are the boys). But really, why the hell not? Their deliciously syncopated ‘Hot Rocks’ style compositions are easy to love. While such on-stage guitarmageddon could have been deadly in different hands, each sweet, soul-inspired confection was rhythmically unwrapped and devoured with the most perfect grace. Having risen from the ashes of The Colour some years ago, Lemon Sun have been busy building a solid roster of polished rock gems and, unsurprisingly, a large and varied fan base. Lead singer Rob Kolar rightfully belongs in the brave new generation of blue-eyed soul singers; his frequent comparisons to a young Eric Burdon (or a male Chris Clark) are not without merit. Like P.P. Arnold says in the Marriott/Lane penned song “(If You Think) You’re Groovy”: “Now I know what its all about.”

- Zelda Zap, Saturday, 3/1/08 - L.A. Record

"Bootleg Magazine - Album review"

"The stomp and swagger is innately here, draped in flourishes both familiar and intangible. For each instance of soul drenched vocals there’s a jangly guitar riff or a circus-like vibe in the mix. For all the stomp the band delivers it probably wouldn’t sound right without the scratchy, throaty vocals of Rob Kolar who croons as good as he can let loose." BOOTLEG MAGAZINE
- Bootleg Magazine

"Loudvine Live Review"

"Let the silly disappointments of the day leave you, your daily bs and just listen to Rob sing. Surrender to it and you’ll know what I am talking about." - Loudvine. com
- loudvine.com

"Amoeba Records - Album Review"

"There's a very simple thing going on here. Effortless charm. Lemon Sun are a versatile local pop outfit with a sound that employs all your fave 60's-jangle-harmony-beat conventions without the tired retro smarm. It's ridiculously pleasant, charasmatic guitar-pop without pretense. Refreshing.
Keep it simple, silly!"
Joel Black - Amoeba Records - AMOEBA RECORDS

"Deli Magazine - Troubadour Review"

"...Packed with hard driving drumbeats and accompanied with Rob’s strong voice... the listener is then rocketed into the abyss of their own imaginations. Not to mention the heavy guitar riffs that seems to resonate and awaken anyone’s soul.
" - Deli Magazine - Deli Magazine

"Lemon Sun EP Review"


Like the pleasant warmth of a bright sun on a crisp fall day, the sound of Los Angeles's Lemon Sun melts away the chill of a dreary day and wraps you in soothing comfort.

This quintet is more than a sappy self-indulgent shoe-gazing band; these boys and girl mix their elixir with equal parts spine-vibrating rhythms, toe-tapping melodies, and honest insightful lyrics. Each song on their self-titled debut EP provides a diverse mix of elements that reflect the fun of Britpop while paying homage to the guttural rawness of Elliot Smith and Tom Waits.

"The Answers" is an addictive crowd favorite - Kolar's gravely vocals and intense lyrics juxtapose intermittently poppy melodies while the rhythm section supplies a rich bass foundation, strong beats, and spaces in all the right places.

The melancholy lilt of "The Devil Thinks" is a soundtrack to an exasperated but poignant lullaby describing the tenuous balance between regret and redemption. In "Out Tonight", Kolar's voice rides the edge of impassioned desperation amidst keyboards and background vocals that capture the brilliance of The Cure's curious uncertainty with a mix of classic rock guitars.

"The Face" is a pure pleasure ditty, complete with power pop chords and background vocals that combine the best of riot grrrl immediacy and doo-op innocence. If this tune doesn't make you shake your groove thing, you need to recalibrate your fun meter. "Through These Doors" paints a picture of yearning against a landscape of lush guitars and fun keyboard rhythms. The song implores "Do you feel it? Come on and feel it ... Come for us." It's enough to make a New York girl make a trip to Hell-ay, just to feel Knight's bass vibrate though the floorboards.

The diversity of Kolar's delivery combines with the band's limber melodic and rhythmic talents to create a synergistic sensation that already has major labels and indie imprints chomping at the bit. Performing together for a mere few months, Lemon Sun has already opened for The Killers and British Sea Power at the Long Beach Arena, and played to capacity crowds at the famed Knitting Factory. These prolific songwriters have a lot more tunes in the pipeline, many of which they're currently performing live - if you're lucky enough to be in the LA area, check them out at an upcoming show. For the rest of us, thank the rock gods for itunes, myspace and cdbaby.

- November 17, 2005 - Three Imaginary Girls

"Shots Ring Out - Video Review"

The Band: is Lemon Sun and they are a small group from Southern California that are hoping to break away from that obscurity with the help of their December residency at the Echo in Silver Lake as well as this sharply shot/made/edited video for their song ‘Telephone, Are You Alive’. I wish them the best and I have a feeling they will pull it off.

The Track: is a response to the torment, band leader Rob experienced over not being able to communicate with his sister when she was in NY during the 9/11 tragedy and again in London during the subway bombings. I guess I would be frustrated too, seeing as how society seems to be so ‘connected’ in its modern age, and all it takes is a bit of terror to crash our dependent forms of communication.

The Video: belongs to Jason Argyropoulos, an up and coming director out of the Southern California area also. Despite his green status, the kids been busy, three music videos for the year (among some PSA’s and minor film work), this one being his second ever and what a great job he does. From the mouth/hands of the director; “The style of the video was fed from tons of experimental pictures - the hope was not to get too messy with it and just have this balance of exciting tricks that can be remembered from all kinds of old avant-garde films on up through the decades.” And I agree. My effects tally runs; stop motion, body cam, shadow boxing, kaleidoscoping, floating phones on wires, and a few others that I’m not smart enough to name. They all add up to a fun and well thought out video that was executed to perfection. You can check some of his other stuff over at his production company Tree Filmworks; told you he has his shit together.

I’ll tell you one thing about Lemon Sun though, if they don’t impress you with their music, they will definitely do it with their art. Not sure who the artist in the bunch is, maybe a bandmate or friend of a friend, but whoever it is they do some damn fine work. Check their website for the evidence, and apparently their new EP that will be available during their Echo residency will feature amazing artwork too. I believe it!

12/06 - Shots Ring Out

"Laist.com - Echo Review"

Last night I found myself deep into the hipster scene at the Echo. The usual Silver Lake crowd was there, along with a smattering of underage Bel Air brace-faces. After braving the rain, I caught the last two songs of the Mezzanine Owls, an Angeleno band with a solid following. After performing a Husker Du cover, the Mezzanine Owls' last song sounded like Early Flaming Lips a la Clouds Taste Metallic with that velvety space rock vibe -- I was pissed I didn’t catch more of there set, but it was raining, and I had some outfit issues. Their lead singer was an Adam Brody clone, which never hurts.

Lemon Sun went on next but I’ll get to them in a minute...

Robbers on High Street, a shaggy-haired NY quartet, performed a tight, well-rehearsed, if not slightly predictable, set. Robbers on High Street sound and look the part of a new sophisticated '60s-era British rock invasion band with a little less attitude. Their second album, Tree City, is out on New Line records.

OK, back to Lemon Sun... their set opener "Did You Say" stole the show. Lemon Sun has a hot female guitar player and a lead singer with X-factor for days. Lemon Sun’s brilliant vocal harmonies and intelligent hooks got the crowd moving -- especially the Bel Air kids, who were jumping around like they were at a Li'l Wayne concert.

All three were good, but Lemon Sun killed it. - Laist

"OC Weekly Review"

Thursday, May 17, 2007 - 3:00 pm

I’d never wanted a musical ringtone before I heard Lemon Sun’s upbeat ode to intercommunication, “Telephone.” Taking their cue from the Arctic Monkey’s sardonic take on the state of the music biz, Lemon Sun put out a masterfully infectious ditty with sing-along chorus perfection that could be the ideal way to let you know your peeps are on the line. The Los Angeles band provide a steady mix of peppy rock with glimpses of soulful percussion backing psychedelic guitar riffs.

But there is a bit of mystery in the air. How did a band that has only been around since 2006 land residencies at the Echo and the Fold so damn quickly? They’ve already shared stages with Cold War Kids, Rilo Kiley, Silversun Pickups, the Walkmen and the Killers. This makes me suspicious. Is this some sort of supergroup? How did they know exactly what to sing and how to look to get our attention? “Telephone” is irresistible, and they have a beauty for a guitar player. It’s like kryptonite for a music critic. There’s nothing to hate, just as the little-blue-pill-of-a-name suggests. The Sun shines bright. - OC Weekly

""Tales Of Uncertainty" EP Review"

Lemon Sun :: Tales of Uncertainty

Reviewed on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 by Cherri Moon

This LA-based group could be a British bang-about band rocking down the lane. Part Abbey Road, part Sunset Strip, their music is a fervent runaway train with no destination in sight - and that’s a good thing. With grinding guitars that circle the music with a punch to the gut and pinch to the cheeks, you can’t help but sing along. - URB Magazine


- Run With The Faithless - 2009
- Perfect As Cats - A Cure Tribute ("The Exploding Boy")
- Tales Of Uncertainty EP 2007
- Spaceland Recordings - Lemon Sun Live at The Echo 12/2006
- Lemon Sun - Self-Titled EP 2006



Lemon Sun embodies the spirit of rock & roll's original urgency while writing songs that reflect today's culture with a compelling flair. You could say they have a insouciant sense of fun while still writing insightful and often socially conscious lyrics. Their live shows are stunning and the band is quickly on its way to getting a great reputation across the globe.

The songs have a pop sensibility with a shot of rasp and swagger.

They have been compared to bands such as T. Rex, Dr. Dog, Spoon, The Walkmen, Supergrass, The Black Keys, early Bowie, The Animals, Elliot Smith, Last Shadow Puppets, Tom Petty, The Doors, The Raconteurs, and others.

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