Since inception, the band has crafted a sound based on the amalgamation of many genres. The wide range of influences that color the band's sonic pallet allow Lemonwilde's music to defy definition.


All creations, influences, ideas, thoughts, notions, premonitions, and inklings are set forth from the nurturing bosom of the Walrus.


2008 "Lemonwilde" 5 Song Ep
Band of the Week on Indie 103.1 Los Angeles, CA
Top 5 indie band for 91X Ontario, CA

Other Radio Stations Playing Lemonwilde:
SYN Radio - Australia
Radio Adelaide - Australia
CJUM - Canada, Manitoba
KSPC - Claremont, California
KOTO - COL, Telluride
KLCC - ORE, Eugene
KSYM - TEX, San Antonio
KHSU - CAL, Arcata
91X - Canada,Ontario
MFM - S Africa,
WRSU - NJ, Rutgers
WMUH - PA, Allentown
WTJU - VIRG, Charlottesville

Set List

45 minute set
Comprised mostly of 4 minute songs