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"On The Music Radar: Lemonwilde"

Radiohead is a band you can’t admit that you don’t listen to, even if you’ve never heard one note of their music. For this reason, I raise my hand and admit, with a little shame, that I’ve never listened to Radiohead. Worse yet, it’s not even on my list of things to do in 2008. For sake of perspective, this list includes letting my eyebrows grow out a little and eating more green things.

Two weeks ago I went to the Roxy on the invitation of Ter Dines, co-founder of Lemonwilde, to hear his band whose sound has been likened to Radiohead. Even I know that’s more than just a passing compliment. Lemonwilde is the sum of 4 un-like minded guys who banded together just a few months ago to form a band that is quickly gaining notoriety among the people who determine what music you and I listen to. You may not have heard of them, but you soon will and more than likely it will be during a movie when the director is trying to elicit an emotion only electronic beats and seemingly incompatible sounds can evoke.

My first impression? They’re good. The music is technically tight and the lead vocals are intriguing. Over the course of the night, they captured and delivered everything I like about Bono, Marcy Playground, and Alicia Keys in one 7 song set. When I asked them what why they formed, they collectively agreed that they wanted to offer something to the music lexicon that wasn’t currently being expressed. Give them time to refine their sound and gel their distinct performance styles, and I’m confident they’ll be able to accomplish what they set out to do.

If you want to hear more of Lemonwilde visit Lemonwilde.com or check our their Myspace and tell them Jasmine sent you. [Side note: the lead singer looks a lot like Tyler Durden for the Fight Club fans. Go to one of their shows and get back to me. Am I crazy, or is the resemblance uncanny?] - LA City Zine


2008 "Lemonwilde" 5 Song Ep
Band of the Week on Indie 103.1 Los Angeles, CA
Top 5 indie band for 91X Ontario, CA

Other Radio Stations Playing Lemonwilde:
SYN Radio - Australia
Radio Adelaide - Australia
CJUM - Canada, Manitoba
KSPC - Claremont, California
KOTO - COL, Telluride
KLCC - ORE, Eugene
KSYM - TEX, San Antonio
KHSU - CAL, Arcata
91X - Canada,Ontario
MFM - S Africa,
WRSU - NJ, Rutgers
WMUH - PA, Allentown
WTJU - VIRG, Charlottesville



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