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Freshman EP of 7 Songs entitled "Thoughts I Collected"



“Access granted” is the theme of Lenny Bosh's freshman CD, ‘Thoughts I Collected.’ But don't be fooled by the independent label, because the production on this first-time-out CD is top shelf. The CD was written and recorded at Lenny's woodland oasis in Coventry, CT - Sound of Fury Studios. Produced by Mike Woods of Damone and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, there is no denying the tracks are very gentle on the ears, while the use of densely layered vocal harmonies and vibrant acoustic guitars create a lush tapestry of sound. Lenny's voice embodies the chipped away sound with no frills, pure content, and laden with emotion. Don't be fooled that this is light music either, because Woods helped to create a wall of sound to fill out the style.

“Before I moved into my new house and new studio, I decided to take on the project of producing a CD for my pastor at my church,” explains Bosh. “Every year he does an original Christmas song on acoustic on Christmas Eve. I told him, ‘For keepsakes, let's make a CD as my donation to the church. This way he would have something to sell for the church and give his kids and at the same time I learn how to record and work my equipment.’ This ended up being such a win-win situation, that brought me to really have feelings that I wanted to do my own CD!”

Soon after, the idea for ‘Thoughts I Collected’ was born. “I always wanted to put out a CD. I have a 4 and 5 year old, and finally it was at the point where I could spend some time doing ‘my stuff.’ I built a brand new house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by all trees and went to it...but soon I realized I wasn't making headway. I'd get maybe an hour a day in, and that's just not productive. Meanwhile I started doing a few bands in my studio when my friend Greg Dicrosta (who designed and set up my studio) brought his friend’s band, Damone, in to engineer and record a song for the Major League Soccer team, the New England Revolution. It was different and my wife was so worried. We were going to make them stay at a hotel (and as bands always go they had no money), but my wife is cool and she was like ‘you guys can stay here.’ Depending on how you look at it, they ended up doing a few more songs and finishing their last CD here (‘Roll the Dice’) - because my studio is cheap, top notch, and the environment rules. They eat for free and eat good, I have a great pool, lots of property with lots of toys, game room, sauna, gym, and 2 full guest rooms on the 2nd floor. It's a place where they don't have to let the outside pressures get to them. I ended up really becoming friends with Mike Woods their songwriter and guitarist. For the next year he just continued to impress me with his musical skills. He is so gifted.”

Inside ‘Thoughts I Collected,’ you will find electric guitars, vintage synthesizers, instrumental solos, and catchy verses, along with memorizing choruses that leave you looking deeper into your own soul. Furthermore, the content of the songs are an opening into the life of someone who is learning to grow. Songs like "Take These Dreams" and "Forever and a Day" explore the fears of a father learning from his children, while "I Miss You" talks about discovering your own mortality, and such tracks as "Outside Looking Inside" and "What if" explore weaknesses and fears and open up Lenny like a book - all the while maintaining a confidence in his emotions.

Lenny Bosh grew up in Central Connecticut, son of a manufacturing business owner. He picked up guitar at a late age and ‘Thoughts I Collected’ is proof that music has been in his soul the whole time. As fate would have it, he soon found himself at the helm of his father’s company, living the American dream by taking over the business his father had worked hard to create. Music would take a back seat to hard work during these years but still in the back of his mind, always recording emotions and thoughts to save for use in music and lyrics. The flame of music was re-ignited once Lenny had children and he was able to see life a little slower once again. And it was at this time that he put down all the thoughts he collected through the years down on paper to create this work.

“My main music side is really that singer/songwriter and acoustic guitar format. But I am not as authentic as guys like Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash. So it tends to the rock/pop genre I figure. If you take those four categories and mix them together - that's me. I do know that my sound is a bit different (and not in a rhetorically cool original way) because of my voice and my ability to not have to fit my music somewhere. As an independent artist who makes his living elsewhere it allows me to just put out what I feel. Since I have my own high-end studio it allows me to really hone in on sounds that I want. I am a larger than life guy - as my wife always says, "When I married you, I never knew it would be a fantastic roller coaster ride." I manage to get into a lot of different t