Lenny Briscoe

Lenny Briscoe


We play late 90s style "punk rock" and "sub pop" rock. Drums and Guitar husband/wife duo. We both play all instruments and sing. Catchy lyrics about everything from politics to break ups, death and hangovers.


Married for five years and together for ten, JD and Stacey Tucker have played together in many bands. About six months back they decided to do something together, just the two of them. Stacey was primarily a keyboard player while JD was a drummer. Both could play most any instrument though. JD had a one-man band called Broman where he played both drums and guitar while singing. During that time he had a song called "Skip the Show" that was about Stacey and him skipping a show to start their own band. This is the first song they played together and sparked the movement of the band. They continued in the JD on guitar and Stacey on drums format for a while till Stacey started writing songs on guitar and JD switched to drums. This brought a whole new sound to the band. They play music that they enjoy playing and it shows at their live shows. They both listened to such a broad spectrum of music growing up, influences could be Sex Pistols, Fugazi, Silkworm, Echo and the Bunny Men, 764-Hero, NOFX, Screeching Weasel and Spoon. They are finishing up a record now that should release in September on Streetcar Music. They are also planning a tour following the release of the album. One thing is certain, these two will be around for a very long time. Love is not what will tear them apart. Nothing will.


First album in the works

Set List

Our set list generally is:
Skip the Show
Fight Song
Wars We Wage
Fucked Up
Sex is Great

11 songs - normal set time is 30 minutes