Lenny Green

Lenny Green

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hi I'm Lenny Green, I'm a musician from New Orleans, I produce Dance/altern/soul. All my info is online, bio, songs, videos. Here's my card my number, email and site is here, give me a listen in your spare time. I have a band we are performing this weekend, we will travel. Thanks for your support!


Perrin Leonard Green aka Lenny Green is an American singer, songwriter and producer from New Orleans and made his entertainment debut locally in 1993 on Channel 4 News Morning show, singing tenor in popular local acapella quintet Backstage Pass.
In 1997, Green launched a music production label, S.I.T.M. Music Shoppe LLC. and began producing and recording New Orleans jazz artists, samba, reggae and collabing with musicians such as Michael Ray of Kool and The Gang, producer Michael "Mike Bass" Ballard(Orleans Ave band), and Hollywood producer Kim Fowley(www.kimfowley.com)
Greens new original music is a mix of Elecronica/Hip hop and Soul. Inspired by classic Motown artists such as Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield -Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many more. Lenny is featured with multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer Renard Poche(Debut album 4U/4me) can be found at www.renardpoche.com. Green sings on 7-Summer Love, 8-Peace of Mind, 12-On The Other Side. Preview Green's prior radio single releases (2007) Sweet Love and (2010) With U and Purchase NEW R&B Lp "Do It Again" and (2007) "Soul City" EP at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/greezy2
For booking contact Wendell Armant (504) 231-5080


The Light

Written By: Perrin L. Green

Lyrics by Perrin L. Green

1st Verse
This Life is taking me to another place
Going the other way, Far from home
I finally got a chance to live my dream
So I'm ready to spread my wings
But you gotta believe in me
This for you and me, Now

Oooo, Tell me can you see the light
'Cause baby it's on I'll be right here
When you get home
Baby it's on


Imma leave the light on for you (4x)

2nd Verse
We've come too far to turn back now
We gotta show them now
and don't give up, no, no, no
Why wait til tomorrow let's do it today
It's the only way
So I'm giving my heart and soul,
girl my heart and soul now,



All for you
All for you
I'll do anything for you
All for you

Dreamin' featuring C-Money

Written By: Perrin L. Green

Lyrics by Perrin L. Green, Rap freestyle by Christopher M. Condoll

1st Verse
Everytime I close my eyes
I dream about a girl so fly
The girl was so cold
A chill came over me now baby
She looked me in my eyes
said Imma give you the time of your life
But when I opened my eyes to see
She wasn't here with me, so

Girl if I'm dreamin'
I don't wanna wake up, from it
I don't wanna wake up, I don't wanna wake up
Girl if I'm dreamin'
I don't wanna wake up.

ooo wee

2nd Verse
38 hot, Xanadu figure
skin like ambrosia, east of the river like
say what you gotta say,
standing on them 16's baby looking so sexy
walked down the street with it
you kinda sweet with it
got the cool beat with it
pumpin my feet with it Man,
Got open like in my third phase of sleep
Got me in the cold and keep me
Keep me Isis, keep me Titanic
Keep me like sizing em sizing em man
Coming like goush man, you sexy baby
Can I get the digits you iggin' me
Got me crazy, I'm kinda lunatic
ludacris baby I'm shady
Hold me down hold me down
Pinch me I may be
I think I'm kinda dreamin when
I see you its hazy.



2007 "Soul City" EP
Radio single release "Sweet Love" WQUE93.3fm

2010 "Do It Again" LP
Radio single release "With You" 93.3fm and 102.9fm(New Orleans)

2012 "The Light" single
Online release, Jango airplay, Amazon, Itunes, Rhapsody, Last.fm

Coming in June 2012 Lenny Green LP untitled