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"Piano man "Buffalo News""

Newcomer Lenny Revell has assembled a songwriter-show-case gig inside Nietzsche's, to take place Wednesday, and featuring the talents of Nelson Starr and Standard of Living.

Revell, a skilled pianist and singer who commenced his musical career at age 9, has worked with the Greater Buffalo Opera Company under renowned director Gary Burgess ("Carmen" and "The Flying Dutchman"), logged slots at the Lewiston Art Festival and Tonawanda's Canal Fest, and dabbled in modeling. Not a bad resume for someone so young.

Revell has a debut full-length in the works, and an advance teaser disc suggests a modern-day Elton John with a strong voice and serious piano chops.

The show kicks off at 9 p.m - Jeff Miers of 'The Buffalo News'

"Lenny Revell "Art Voice News""

Hometown boy Lenny Revell is starting to make a name for himself on the singer-songwriter circuit. Since the age of nine, when his musical tastes first started to take shape, Revell has developed a contemporary style that plants him firmly in the rock vocalist tradition. Piano rock, a la Elton John, Billy Joel, and Ben Folds (all admitted influences) is his forte, and an upcoming album is in the works. Revell plays a 9pm show at Nietzsche's on Wednesday (Feb. 15), opening for another local singer-songwriter, the multi-talented Nelson Starr. Support also comes from alternative rockers Standard of Living. - Jaime Moses of 'Art Voice News'

"Lenny Revell: Musically Picturesque"

Lenny Revell is a pretty talented guy. He really is. That’s pretty much as bottom line and straight forward as you can get.

Revell is pretty brilliant in his approach from the outset – playing music that’s hard to find in Buffalo – laid back, piano driven rock and roll. That is what he’s been doing since the outset, and he has gotten really good at it along the way.

Think Elton John, with more of a modern, relevant feel to him – perhaps more of a Ben Folds, Matt Costa or Dave Mellio. Pulling influence from various outlets such as the Beatles, Vanessa Carlton and Billy Joel, other media outlets have gone so far as to call Revell “the next Elton John.” You can judge for yourself by checking him out: www.myspace.com/lennyrevellband.

Revell has been pretty straight forward about his future, “My future is a very clear picture in my head. I'm sitting at a full concert grand piano, with a full band behind me on a stage, in front of tens of thousands of people,” says Revell. “That is the immediate picture in my head because that is my concrete goal, and I won't stop until I get that achieved. All other goals exist with the prime intention of supporting or helping the primary goal to be achieved better or faster.”

Revell truly is the real deal. He can sing and play the piano very well. The Buffalo native, currently attempting to make good in NYC, is one of those hidden gems to come out of the Queen City that you can’t help but pull for to make it big in the long run. Let’s hope he does.

“I don't believe in living a life of regrets, and not chasing your dream with 100% focus and intent is nothing more than doing your whole existence a disservice,” adds Revell. “That would be a definant slap in the face for the one who gave you the ability to breathe.”

To give Lenny Revell a listen: www.myspace.com/lennyrevellband. - Brian Campbell of Buffaloathome.com

"Lenny Revell - Lessons "Keyboard Magazine""

It's refreshing to hear a new piano man like Lenny Revell come out with such an earnest and real record as Lessons in today's often stale and over-processed musical environment. Revell's piano playing and songwriting are strong with shades of Broadway and Billy Joel throughout. There is a nice variety of styles from the bouncy Reggae-ish "Expectations" to the all-eycat slink of "Ghost", as well as the exceptional classically-grounded "Prelude/Revenge of Little Red Riding Hood" that closes the record. Revell shows talent and promise as a vocalist and lyricist, and displays a knack for progressions that go well beyond three-chord pop. Gavin DeGraw, watch out - Lenny Revell is on the scene! - Robbie Gennet of 'Keyboard Magazine - May 2007'

""Lessons" Teen Ink Magazine September 2007"

By Paul C. Monaca, PA

Though he hasn’t exactly entered the pop music mainstream, Lenny Revell is a talented up-and-coming musician. The New York native has a knack for capturing the dazzling flare of Elton John’s piano-based melodies while creating meaningful lyrics which not only scream Billy Joel, but also mirror the music with artistic precision. Revell’s masterful music evokes a pleasant 1970s nostalgia, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Revell rocks out on piano as he plays with listeners’ emotions. Dramatically driven crescendos and speedy beats will keep anyone listening. Songs like “’Til Death Do Us Part” and the better-known “Who Am I?” succeed in shying away from modern-day’s all-too-familiar melodic structure. There are constant key changes and mood swings that make for an exciting toe-tapping experience.

“Ghost” has an ethereal noir feeling to it, again showing how Revell explores many grounds. It’s cheerfully haunting and jazzy while still meeting contemporary standards.

With influences like Coldplay and the Beatles, it’s obvious that Revell’s words have been meticulously chosen to reflect his well-crafted piano compositions. Revell first discovered his prime inspiration, Elton John, at age 18. With a star to observe, Revell created an amazing sound that listeners are discovering every day.

“Lessons” is an album with songs of spontaneous delight, dark humor and vivid romance. Revell provides vocal talent with a varying range (sometimes deep and rigid, sometimes campy), which really captures his creative personality. Though it may be almost impossible to purchase a CD at a store near you, the internet holds many opportunities to discover the songs and spirit of Lenny Revell. On that note, the best music is usually the music that hasn’t been heard yet. - By Paul C. Monaca, PA


Who Am I - (single from 'Lessons') being played on all AMC, Regal, and Lowes theatres throughout the country. (April 27th to May 26th 2007)

'Lessons' - 12 song full album debut. Cd release date: September 9th, 2006.



Enter The Piano Dragon

"Something is brewing, and I think that's Lenny's Career on the horizon waiting to rise!" ~ Jessica Bishop, Publicist

Lenny Revell's musical roots started in Buffalo, NY where at the age of nine, he started piano lessons. At sixteen he wrote his first song, and at nineteen, started singing lessons. He began playing various piano recitals in nursing homes, churches, and institutions in the wny area. In his late teens, he started playing Lewiston Art Fest in Western New York for many years as well as the Canal Fest of the Tonawandas, NY for the past two years where he was brandished as the "next Elton John". Many other cities followed with appearances in Branson, MO, and a tv appearance in Nashville, TN, and opening up a model show in Toronto, as well as many of the more popular piano bars and clubs in the NYC circuit including "Don't Tell Mamas", "Rosa's Turn", George Keeley's, The Duplex, and many more. He has also acted in two operas within the Greater Buffalo Opera Company under world renowned opera director Gary Burgess: Carmen and The Flying Dutchman, and modeled for Rova in NYC. Lenny's discovery of Elton John was at the age of eighteen, and the turning point of his life. Now with a focal point to shoot for, he devoted his energies to writing piano rock songs influenced by Elton's signature style. More artist's influences started to come to the forefront: The Beatles, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Vanessa Carlton, Tori Amos, Coldplay, etc. Now with a new album entitled 'Lessons', Lenny plans to unveil a new charasmatic performer in the singer-songwriter genre of rock. Aside from his musical accomplishments, Lenny is also into nutrition, alternative medicine, eastern philosophy, and a certified instructor in Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do under Sifu Shane Dixon.