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Leno Lovecraft

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | INDIE

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | INDIE
Band Pop EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"« New electronic madness ... »"

While thinking about how to describe the music that Leno Lovecraft makes, pretty much the only reference I could make was to Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel The Killing Joke. If you haven’t read it, it’s basically the book that reveals how the Joker ended up being the Joker. There’s one scene in particular towards the end of the book where Batman and the Joker are having this huge chase/battle scene in this really retro-styled amusement park thats filled with laughing clowns and really bright colors everywhere. I imagine that when The Killing Joke eventually becomes a movie and they tone down the sinister-ness a bit, Leno Lovecraft is who the director is going to call to score that scene. He makes this 80s influenced trippy disco-glam-type-thing that’s difficult to put into words. Be warned, it’s not really the most accessible stuff around, but if you can get into it you’ll find an idyllic and fantastical escape from most current music. Enjoy. - Upside Sounds

"Disco mit der Kraft der Liebe…"

Disco, Disco, Disco! Aus der schönen Disco-Dekade der 80er Jahre bedient sich der Neuseeländer Leno Lovecraft und schmeißt mit ‘Planet Sextron‘ eine schmissige Single auf die Dancefloors der gutgelaunten Clubs. Kein Wunder, dass sich die Köpfe auch auf anderen Kontinenten schon regten und auch kein Wunder, dass in der Hip-Hochburg Paris bei Maman Records die Tinte unter dem Vertrag trocknete. Am 25. April erscheint die erste EP, die passenderweise auf den passendsten aller Namen hört - ‘EP1‘! Let’s dance… - Bedroomdisco.de

"New Zealand’s Leno Lovecraft Welcomes You…To “Planet Sextron”"

Leno Lovecraft is a young New Zealand DJ with clear aspirations to soundtrack a Star Wars porno.

Leno Lovecraft. Photo Credit:Facebook
After releasing the EP Alien Sex Juice and a bunch of mixtapes, he moved to France and tinkered on the new EP #1, which is coming in February. He previewed the track “Planet Sextron,” for our listening, slightly skeeved-out, but mostly titillating pleasure.

There’s a fair deal of outerspace 80s experimental Styx kitsch on most of his tracks. “Planet Sextron” is what the B52s or Gary Numan would have done if there were rampant vocoders in the 70s.

Likely to be on #1 is his new single “Claire and Cynthia,” (no tracklist anywhere, far as I can tell), which is more standard blippy Italo disco featuring Leno’s airy falsetto and his hand firmly placed on the pitch bend.

Folks say he’s just 19-years-old. Check out those leopard print jeans — how do these kids know so much about the 80s?!

After scoping tracks from #1, listen to his September mixtape. See if you can spot Belgium’s Aeroplane, Frank Zappa, and fellow kiwis Golden Axe. - MTV

"Artist to watch"

Our new Gasolini (aka artist to watch) is Leno Lovecraft. Leno is from New Zealand, and now lives in Paris. His debut 6-track EP will be released on April 25th on Parisian label Maman and takes influences from 80s, funk and Italo-Disco. The standout track “Princess” is already supported by Tensnake, The Magician and Mustang. Preview the full release here and join him on his Utopian escapade. - lagasta.com

"Shrill House"

Leno Lovecraft’s Pogon is the apex of Bobby Orlando’s most socially responsible nightmare, what have I done, he asks himself twitching in bed, I have unleashed a thousand sleazy machinesounds upon the world so that decades from now, crazy kids from New Zealand can use cheaply available technologies to produce binary monsters which are the switchblade touting teenage punk pinhead to stoned cosmic disco grandpa. Egad, it is no classy affair this one, nope, it is as far away as you could get from the illuminated attitudes of all our beloved disco nerds out there, no, this is a dark, brutal and shrill affair organised around a couple of muscular synth riffs with so much treble you fear they are going to fracture into shards of crystal precipitating with lethal precision through your eye, cerebelum, vertebrae and into the floor like this was the beginning of Suspiria, only sweatier. - 20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk

"Leno Lovecraft – Passsionate fantasia"

Maman Records, som tidigare distribuerat skapelser signerade Chad Valley, Kisses och Clock Opera, ger den 25 april ut Nya Zeeländska italo-disco-projektet Leno Lovecrafts nya EP #1 – vars innehåll låter som något hämtat direkt från det funkiga 80-talet. Det nya smakprovet nedan är inte med på EP:n, men visar ändå ungefär vad vi har att vänta - No Modest Bear


Still working on that hot first release.



Have you ever wanted to enter a Aquatic underground palace?

Where silver alien mermaids caress every part of your body?

Where their holographic fluids spurt all over you, filling your pores with their juice. With Leno Lovecraft this fantasy comes so much closer to reality. Join him on his Utopian escapade. Let him caresses you with his magnificent silver hands. See into his vision, let him guide through the future you are unaware of. Listen to droplets of every colour form into a waterfall and swim with him.

People have danced with him and said the "Muscular synth riffs have so much treble you fear they are going to fracture  into shards of crystal precipitating with lethal precision through your eye, cerebelum, vertebrae and into the floor" 20JFG.co.uk
Apparently "the songs tastefully reference everything from the italo disco of Cerrone to the vocodered synthpop a la Casco, plus no small amount of falsetto and pleasantly creative weirdness a la Sparks".  discoworkout.com. Others shudder as they witness his shear sexuality "He shredded and sung in that sweet lil falsetto in his knickers while moving his shoulders with sex and suggestion that surpassed his years. I couldn't touch myself for a week after and that’s a hard thing not to do when you have the Leno Lovecraft EP."

Leno is from New Zealand, and now lives in Paris. He has his debut EP coming out on Parisian label Maman on april 25th.