Leno Lovecraft

Leno Lovecraft

 Auckland, Auckland, NZL


Have you ever wanted to enter a Aquatic underground palace?

Where silver alien mermaids caress every part of your body?

Where their holographic fluids spurt all over you, filling your pores with their juice. With Leno Lovecraft this fantasy comes so much closer to reality. Join him on his Utopian escapade. Let him caresses you with his magnificent silver hands. See into his vision, let him guide through the future you are unaware of. Listen to droplets of every colour form into a waterfall and swim with him.

People have danced with him and said the "Muscular synth riffs have so much treble you fear they are going to fracture  into shards of crystal precipitating with lethal precision through your eye, cerebelum, vertebrae and into the floor" 20JFG.co.uk
Apparently "the songs tastefully reference everything from the italo disco of Cerrone to the vocodered synthpop a la Casco, plus no small amount of falsetto and pleasantly creative weirdness a la Sparks".  discoworkout.com. Others shudder as they witness his shear sexuality "He shredded and sung in that sweet lil falsetto in his knickers while moving his shoulders with sex and suggestion that surpassed his years. I couldn't touch myself for a week after and that’s a hard thing not to do when you have the Leno Lovecraft EP."

Leno is from New Zealand, and now lives in Paris. He has his debut EP coming out on Parisian label Maman on april 25th.