Lenzi Brothers

Lenzi Brothers

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a brazilian southern independent rock band struggling to be in the spotlight and show their sincere and soul-seated music


Lenzi Brothers are a three-brother trio formed in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. With over ten years on the road, hundreds of concerts, participations in important festivals and recognition from the specialized media, they count on three released albums and the status of one of the most respected independent rock bands in southern Brazil. After releasing their third record titled “Trio” in 2008, they’ve reached countrywide exposure through appearances on TV shows and mostly by being the winning band in the reality show “MTV Procura”, broadcast by MTV Brazil. The fourth album is under production and is expected to be released by early 2010.


Grilo Verde (2002)
Qualquer Cor (2005)
TRIO (2008)

Set List

Papo de elevador
Não me importo
Parado na Chuva
Onde você mora?
Algo Mais
Fora de estoque
Bye Bye
Grilo Verde

show length: 45 min - 1 hour