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The best kept secret in music



YoungstownScene.com January 17-19 /03


With a loss for the Steelers the other night, it was a perfect time to head out to Cedars to mourn, and for an excellent night of rock, and Leo delivered it indeed..............

It's usually my job to (when writing about bands) look for the good in them , and to be honest about the things that they need to work on, that and the fact that i am SO damn picky about what i like musically, makes me more than qualified at times, but i must say that i have found a band that i can say absolutely NOTHING bad about.

Leo, a resident Cleveland band, with their catchy pop hooks and rocking guitar work is a culmination of musicianship unlike any other that I've seen in awhile, you won't see your 5 power chord pop shit here, in Leo you have a set of very musically inclined guys that know how to culminate an entire song, not just a hook or riff, all playing individual melodies.That, and the amazing vocals by Ian that are so well controlled and have such a range and dynamic, bring the music into a masterpiece of rock.

That's all.

Capt. Geech bbbbbbb

p.s. Special thanx to Amy whom i just met, she's "hot and cold" but makes it so much fun, thanx for the talk! - Capt. Geech


www.FilteringCraig.com January 25, 2003

Now they just have to make it, don't they?
... Little did he know that I was going to take him to a rock show at the Hi-Fi Club in Cleveland to see a band called Leo...I was telling him that he would be able to tell everyone that he saw Leo with about 50 people before they made it big. I am convinced that this band is actually going to "make it."

So we get to the show ... The band is doing a great set. The lead singer of Leo is incredible. He has great presence and an even greater vocal range...Anyway, the band rocks through seven or eight songs and then they call a violinist on stage. I have seen Leo many times and they have never played with a violinist, so I was excited to see what they would do...Then Leo played 3 songs with the violinist to close out the show. The dynamics seemed more intense than at any other point in the show and it reached an amazing peak. After seeing such an amazing show (for a mere $6) I feel like this band has to make it...This is why I suffer through some bad shows in the Cleveland local music scene. Every now and then you are able to catch a show that you will probably never forget.
- Craig


Featuring Northern Ohio Bands & Artists WDUBRADIO.com

Friday 10/11/02 Leo...@ The Grog Shop

Friday night at the Grog Shop left a dent on the Coventry strip. I was blown away...The band may not be so local much longer, so see them while you can. The band rocks. The closest comparison…if Jeff Buckley rocked harder. The music is thoughtful…layered with intricate harmonies. But the one thing that shines through is the singer’s voice. Similar to Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke, Ian has one of the strongest voices you will ever hear. He sounded better live than most singers do on their studio recorded albums...

Ed for WDUBradio.com - Ed for WDUBradio.com


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Forming in early 2001, Leo's powerful sound has caught on quickly. In their first two years, they shared the stage with national acts Dave Navarro, Hoobastank, The Calling, Greenwheel, Stroke 9, Tantric, American Hi-Fi, Flaw, Flickerstick, Rainer Maria, Jimmy Eat World, and Revis.

Frontman Ian Eddy credits the early success to word-of-mouth, saying that fans and fellow
musicians have created a grassroots following for the band. Leo has gained an upstanding
reputation for their energetic live shows and beautiful music.

Leo's sound can be described as heavy, yet melodic. Think Ours, with hints of Jeff Buckley,
Remy Zero, and Radiohead. They incorporate crushing guitar riffs with angelic vocals, creating music that fans describe as "emotional, addicting, and inspiring."

The band's regional touring has included gigs at popular venues such as The Odeon, The
Agora, and The Grog Shop in Cleveland; Skully's, Oldfield's, and Andyman's Treehouse in Columbus; Bogart's in Cincinnati; The Pageant in St. Louis; and The Lime Spider in Akron. They have also played charity benefit shows, including the 2002 Dream Brother Music Procession, a Jeff Buckley Tribute benefiting Road Recovery (www.roadrecovery.com).

In the four years before forming Leo, Eddy, Brandon Lozano, Daniel Griffith, and Stephen Nichols toured individually with Cleveland-based Cows in the Graveyard, Starfire Common Wealth, Tender Blindspot, The Champion Bubblers, Checker, and Sirus.

Leo has been invited to showcase with major labels in Nashville, St. Louis, and New York, and can be heard on Cleveland's 92.3, 88.7, 91.1, as well as ClevelandHits.com, WDUBradio.com, and Cornerband.com. They also won the Budweiser True Music competition held in March at the Odeon.

In 2002, Leo traveled to Nashville to work with well-known producer Malcolm Springer (Greenwheel, Full Devil Jacket, Mesh, Mile, Spike 1000, Liquid Gang) on a demo, and they are currently working on their first full-length release. The band is touring the Midwest--look for tour dates and mp3s on the band's official website, www.leotheband.com.