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LEO37's music is a melting pot of eclectic influences, studied and brewed into something altogether new. Hip-hop, soul, jazz, electronica and pop fragrances combine and inform a distinct, progressive persona that is both self-conscious and worldly.


"Lyricist, turntablist, label co-owner and creator of magnitude." (Rokon Magazine - Seoul)

In only 6 years of work, prairie-born LEO37 (née Leo Shia) has managed to amass a resume that boasts accolades and accomplishments comparable to most industry veterans – and he’s done so independently. 2 solo albums, 2 digital releases, numerous studio collaborations and hundreds of performances in packed houses through 11 countries: it would appear that independence isn’t such a bad thing.

Beginning his involvement in music early on with organ lessons at the age of 8 and trumpet and drums shortly thereafter, it wouldn’t be until he got his 16 year old hands on a set of turntables that his part-time hobby mutated into full-blown obsession. Relocating to Toronto in 2001, Leo earned a degree from Ryerson University's prestigious Radio and Television Arts Program while also finding himself on stage and in studio with some of the city's most acclaimed jazz, folk, pop and hip-hop artists, including Christine Bougie (Ronley Teper), Dafydd Hughes (Esthero & Feist) and Soliva.

In late 2004, following a mad season in the UK, Leo recorded Winter, his debut release on PPF House. Met with rave response, the 7-track EP sold out of its initial pressing in just under a month and received a nomination for Best Hip-Hop Album at the 2005 Toronto Independent Music Awards. This was followed a year later with Summer, a full length offering which traded in Winter's digital soundscapes for a live band made up of some of Canada's biggest jazz heavyweights. "From jazz to rock...disco to drum and bass...the point [of Summer] is positivity, but there's also an emphasis on pushing musical boundaries." (The Star Phoenix - Saskatoon)

Since then, Leo’s gone on to release: Applause (2009) – with fellow prairie-born/Toronto-based producer, Sunclef; Icarus (2010) – with PPF House’s resident noisemakers, the Worst Pop Band Ever; executive produced and performed on the label compilation PPF House Basement Suite (2007) -- that was declared "...one of the most original sounds in Canada." by Exclaim! – as well as toured through Canada, the U.S., the U.K., the Netherlands, 7 countries through South East Asia and has been a featured guest at the: TD Canada Trust Toronto Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival, Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Spring Scream (Taiwan) and NXNE. "...skilled flow and massive stage presence... Even the people chatting in the back of the room had to stand up and take notice when Leo grabbed the mic." (+886 Magazine – Taipei)

Now having just completed his newest offering, Fanfare, you’ll find a darker, more poignant Leo than years previous. With the help of soundscapes by Toronto-based producer/multi-instrumentalist, John Poon, Fanfare promises to be Leo’s meatiest release yet.

Having shared the stage with an eclectic mix of artists ranging from Del the Funky Homosapien to the Bad Plus, Tittsworth to Aloe Blacc, and drawing inspiration from the careers of artists like Miles Davis, the Soulquarians, the Native Tongues, Radiohead and Bjork, LEO37 strives for forward-thinking, content-driven music with a thick groove. Be it as a solo performer, a producer or a turntablist, his range is deep and diverse, offering forth a smart, danceable and utterly unique soundtrack for our times.



Written By: L. Shia

Fuck the slice
Man I want the pie
I was told the put in matched the pull in
Push ‘til this person kaput's the line
Push pass the push back
Be good in time
But soon your good's just fine
Just fine cause you're runnin out of years
Months, days, hours, minutes, seconds
Sun's settin
And the moonlight's not your mood light
As we cruise on pass the crew's hype
The hype that we have yet to raise
Believe it when you hear it
I'll accept the praise
And the parade
The chocolate goods, pierced hoods and French maids
Every 'L' my stats pack
Worth it all just to hear your hands clap

Now gimme one for the Jacks
And gimme two for the Janes
Listen up past the next set of horn shots
Handclap like they just said the war stopped
One more for the Jacks
Couple more for the Janes
Now Handclap

I walk no path and I'm lookin to pave my way
I salute and honor all the yodas that made me brave
Bring on the crowds cause I'm movin on past the ‘nays’

I'm not trying to be a superstar
Can't you tell I'm a superstar?
Put in work, I refuse to starve
Fuck your act and salute your scars
Trip and Sun that is who we are
PPF is the House we guard
Run with us cause you bastards know
We Voodoo like D'Angelo


A PPF House tune yes we
ThreeSeven, Sunclef's who we are
The stars in your dreams
So heavy


Written By: L. Shia

Better in darkness
Yes, I do shine in stardust and hardluck and subtle hints of twilight
I’m finite f-f-finite
amidst the mist
I might find infinite bliss
Where I-I-I-I lie
Wrapped in blanket statements to keep my heat in tact
And ignore the unsure in order to keep my seat in fact
Not quite a thrown but I’m saving up all my dough
And jewel by jewel I will rule in the moon
But soon the dusk
Is crushed again
I’m bust again
And dammit back in my room
My kingdom come and go
And back again and then I do my best to conceive the eve forever consume
But as….

Day begins
I tend to lay within my bedding
Letting pressures compress my head and all I’m dreading
Responsibility fills
Killing chances of resting
But I take to grinding
When I wake to finding your….

Face in the Mornin’
Your Face Face in the mornin
Wake up the world world
Wake up the world cause it belongs to me

I’ll shout until the whole world hears me
I’ll shout until there’s nothing but the wind
Then rest in our bed with the rest to begin


Written By: L. Shia

Stick to the sky
Burn my eyes with rays
Clutch the sun with both hands
To keep the day like…

Chillin on the biggest star
I will be for the rest til I rest
White flowers, black suits, finely pressed button-ups
That I can see from afar
Never leaving before reaching
So amazing
I’m just saying
That if I’m to leave my seat today
Then I’ve finally earned my wings and
everybody’s singin’

Sky high to hit Fly heights
Go Get It

But as both hands burn
I start to turn away
Loosen my grip
Maybe shootin to quit
Stickin to the sky ain’t all that it seems
It seems stickin to the sky is all but a dream
A dream
I dreamt a little dream for me to reach
These peaks and peace
A balance of challenges and some sweet relief
But dammit the average that maintain a nice flight is light
Light as in low
A little
Miniscule, mini
Chances seem brittle
Call me Icarus on my wax wings
Sun hits now I’m comin in for landing
…all the way down
Mouthful of cussing with no way out
This really ain’t for you so just stay down


- LEO37 - FANFARE - Writer, Performer, Executive Producer

- LEO37 - Icarus - Writer, Producer, Performer

- LEO37 + Sunclef - Applause - Writer, Performer
- Worst Pop Band Ever - dost thou believeth in science? - Turntablist

- VARIOUS ARTISTS - PPF Basement Suite - Writer, Producer, Performer

- LEO37 - Summer - Writer, Producer, Performer
- Worst Pop Band Ever - Thanks For Coming Out - Turntablist
- Urban Mythology - Cultural Cannibalism - Guest Writer/Performer on 'Good Morning'

- LEO37 - Winter - Writer, Producer, Performer
- Various Artists - Songs from the Bridge City - Compilation featuring 'Work it Out' from 'Winter'

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