The Leo Trio

The Leo Trio


My music is heavily bluesy. It has groove, and taste.


Leo comes to New York in the fall of 2006, with a goal of surviving the winter. Answering a few ads on Craigslist, he auditions for a couple of blues projects in the Manhattan area. At the same time he starts to hang out at his local, Kenny's Castaways befriending the bartenders and the sound guy, Bo Osborne. No gigs available for months in that place, and with no CD to submit, Leo is stumped. After a few vodka filled nights and loose talk, Leo gets a chance to do a cancellation. It worked, he gets a few more of these, and catches the attention of the bartenders, a Prince, and the owners. Leo gets a regular Sunday night spot, that extends to Wednesdays. To these gigs, and over the span of a month he draws Mark West, a local hero, bass supreme, and vocalist extraordinaire. Adding on harmonica, the amazing Christof Knoche, an auslander from the fatherland, saxaphone teacher, and New Yorker for a decade, and Dan Ouimet, THE drummer with no fear and stunning touch. Over the next three months, with life getting well in the way, they manage to forge a sound and feel that has ben missing from the local scene for a decade. With no rehearsals, and always trying new songs that they haven't played together before, they soar, garnering the praise of musicians and punters alike.



Written By: Leo Aston

The Sun rises slowly and the wind blows gently,
My eyelids still feel like lead.
I put on the coffee as I stumble out of bed,
And I try to shake this fog from my head.
Though my days here are numbered and I'm fighting all alone,
I'm wishing for the day that I'll be home

By noon I've forgotten my dreams of wild adventure,
My gun is firmly in my hand.
My knees have been begging me and my clothes are all smothered,
As my sweat drops to kiss this ancient land.
And time doesn't wait, no,
for me to find a way,
And the day like all the rest is just a race.

By dusk it is colder and we're all one day older now the lead seems to be in my shoes.
The maestro in his seventies, tells me what he's thinking,
As I down a beer with his gourmet food.
And the lights seem to struggle on,
Just to give me light,
As my head hits the pillow for the night.

Softly, sweetly, quickly, I'm drifting off to sleep,
There are hills and valleys of golden corn,
A river is flowing and the birds are always soaring,
In a moment another child is born.
And I don't want to lose them, to see them disappear, but the morning gently whispers in my ear.
No I don't want to lose them, to see them disappear, but the morning gently whispers in my ear.
The morning gently whispers...
In my ear.

Have You Heard

Written By: Leo Aston

Have you heard, I'm getting married today, Have you heard, I'm getting maried today, Me and my wife will soon be far away.
She's long and tall, and got those sexy legs, She's long and tall and got those sexy legs, Frankly speaking I'll be climbing those for days.
Her eyes are blue, and her lips are so fine, Her eyes are blue and her lips are so fine, When she smiles I know she's mine.
I love her hair, down in my face, I love her hair down in my face, When I close that door I fall into her warm embrace.
So have you heard I'm getting married today, Have you heard I'm getting married today, Me and my wife will soon be, Me and my wife will soon be, Me and my wife will soon be so far away.


Nothing officially released as The Leo Trio.

Live album recorded at Kenny's Castaways on it's way.
Recorded on Minidisc as there is no Cd burner facility in the club

Set List

Let's see....
Rude Mood SRV
Have you heard, Leo Aston
I like the way you move Leo Aston
It hurts me too Elmore James
Call me the breeze JJ Cale
Babe I like you Leo Aston
So Fine Leo Aston
Whispers Leo Aston
Standing round cryin' Muddy Waters
I'm Ready Willie Dixon
I can see Clearly Now Johnny Nash
Fulsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
Texas Flood SRV
Mary Had a Little Lamb Buddy Guy
I'll never leave Leo Aston
I washed my hands Not sure who wrote that
Voodoo Chile SLight Return Jimmy Hendrix
Six Strings down Neville Brothers
Jolie Mademoiselle Raphael Bas
Drifting Blues Chuck Berry
Have You Ever Loved a Woman Billy Myles
The Thrill is Gone