Leo D     (Dimitris Liolios )

Leo D (Dimitris Liolios )

 Athens, Attica, GRC

My music is a mix of different musical genres from classic rock to alternative and even pop music.I have a band of five musicians and two female singers that i'm performing with.Along with my music we play music from other artists too " filtered" by my own musical flavor


Leo D is a singer...lyricist...musician...performer, who from a very early stage in his life, has been captivated with the melody and words in songs from early on in his childhood.

Leo began playing in bands during his school years and went on to study classical guitar at The National Greek Music Academy and at the age of 17, he studied the theory of music and played the piano. He formed his own band and appeared with well-known bands in Greece. During this time, he began writing his songs and performing them throughout clubs in Athens and other well-known Greek cities.
In 1998, Leo recorded his first debut album, "To Skotadi Kaigetai" (Darkness Is Burning) followed up with his second album, "Mia Thalassa Pou Agriepse" (A Stormy Sea) that was released in Greece.
Leo D is now venturing "down a new road " in his long music career. His new CD, "Come In Out Of The Rain" will be available in September. The CD will be available for his fans/listeners who enjoy the music of his heart, his soul and his spirit.

In Leo's words....
"I am very excited about the new CD "Come In Out Of The Rain". I feel that I have colaborated with the best lyrcist on the songs and each song that I sing, each note that I play, I have strived to touch the depths of a soul and spirit. If you listen closely, you will capture this love of music, that I find, in each word that I sing."



Written By: Leo D


How did it start, can it be real?
A cloud so dark, fills you with fear,
What is to come?
Tell me... what's the darkest place a soul can be..?
what's the sweetest thing your eyes have ever seen?

Rain…, falling through the night
Is everything alright..?M
Is pain all that you feel
Or something you could heal...?
Rain… throughout the night
Washing out the light...
Do you miss what you have lost
well is that what hurts you most..?

You wanna know..., but you're alone,
This place you’re in, if that's your sin,
Which way to turn, what is to doubt?,
but as you move...
time has run out
What's the brightest place your dreams could see...?
What' s the sweetest word your ears could ever hear...?