Leo I. Rodriguez

Leo I. Rodriguez

 New York City, New York, USA

Folksy/bluesy Rock with soul. I feel strongly connected to Gospel Blues and admire R. Charles alot. I hope that my songs ring melody and truth in people, enough to cause change from within.


I've sung a lot of artists in my time - from 40's swing to 70's disco, Cole Porter Jazz to Stone Temple Pilots Rock. In my music collection I have Ray Charles, Easy Star All Stars, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Sublime, The Carpentars, The Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, FATS WALLER, Cole Porter, harry Connick Jr., Bob Marley, The Doobie Borthers, Pink Floyd, some Streisand, Parton, Loretta Lynn, Reba, Bette Midler, Perry Como, Sinatra, Bennet, Davis Jr., Martin, Pearl Jam, Van Halen and the list continues.

The song itself does what it's supposed to do and I became inspired to sing and eventually write.


Forty Days

Written By: Leo I Rodriguez

Forty days to get over you
forty nights and then i'm through
forty lives until this anger subsides
forty days to get over you


Music selections can be heard at www.myspace.com/leoirodriguez

Set List

B Street Crawl, Addicted, Vague, Take Me Back, Do My Best, Hold Back, Broken Moments, Mistake, Forty Days, What I Am, Anyone, Believe, Insane, The Vision, All About Love, Welcome Home, Live the Dream, From The Shower, Change, Follow the Path, Welcome Home and various covers and styles.-