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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE | AFTRA

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Reggae




"MusicNews.com Album Review: Leon & The Peoples - Love Is A Beautiful Thing"

Leon Robinson, lead singer of Leon and the Peoples and also just known by his first name, is an actor with a career going back to the 1990s. He’s best known for starring in the beloved Disney film Cool Runnings and appearing on the prison drama Oz. Fittingly enough, many of his roles have had a musical motif to them. He was David Ruffin of The Temptations and Little Richards in TV biopics, and the saint in “Like a Prayer,” the ultra-controversial video that famously lost Madonna a Pepsi endorsement and was the go-to example of a pop star upsetting the Pope until Sinead O’Connor. On the new record Love Is A Beautiful Thing, released by the Spectra Music Group, Leon brings his vocal charisma to accompaniments that mix reggae, neo-soul, and funk. It’s a varied album, alternating between slow jams and dance tracks while keeping a consistent groovy mood that really works.

“Beautiful,” the first song, is almost instantly hypnotic with its twangy bassline and chilly piano. It is one of a couple times that Love Is A Beautiful Thing reminded me of Sade, who used a similar intersection of R&B and Caribbean beats. It’s hard to overstate how strong the hook is for this one—as far as first impressions for albums go, it’s a good one. The influence of eighties funk and R&B is strong on the disc, as “No Good For Me” attests to. A peppy horn section and synths give the song a retro swing with a bit of a Morris Day vibe. On that note, the excellent closing track “R U Ready Tonight” has a shout-out to the “oh-we-oh” refrain from The Time’s “Jungle Love” that put a big smile on my face.

The reggae sound on songs like “World’s Gonna Come Around” and “On And On” makes for highlights, with pleasant ska basslines and piano riffs. This is an eclectic, international band with a lot of talent, making for a delectable slice of pop for the summer.
Edmund Barker, MusicNews.com (Jul 05, 2018)
4/5 Stars - MusicNews.com

"Actor and Musician Leon Speaks On New Album Leon & The Peoples: ‘Love Is A Beautiful Thing’"

"I love the new album, it’s sonically eclectic" The highly anticipated and long awaited full length album, “Love Is A Beautiful Thing,” by Leon & The Peoples, will be released by the Spectra Music Group on Friday July 20th. The album evokes the theme of love in one form or another and is written from the heart by actor, singer, songwriter Leon Robinson, mastermind behind Leon & The Peoples. The eclectic tracks are flavored Reggae with a taste of pop, R&B, soul, rock, and a splash of funk.
Eilleen Shapiro, Hype Magazine (Jul 19, 2018) - The Hype Magazine

"Leon & The Peoples – Love Is A Beautiful Thing by Li Li Nicols"

LEON, actor best known for his role as the late singer David Ruffin, from the TV Movie series titled the Temptations, releases a new album, as the forefront of the reggae group The Peoples titled “Love is a Beautiful Thing.” Robinson is also critically acclaimed for his depiction in singing roles such as; Little Richard, David Ruffin, and JT in Robert Townsend’s film The Five Heartbeats. The movie star is well credited in Hollywood, and movies like Waiting to Exhale has given Leon a sensual appeal to his audience. A persona that has carried over into his music. Being introduced to music at a young age, Leon says that he found comfort in the Reggae genre, “I was always more comfortable with that style because of the sultriness of the style — incorporates soul, gospel, dance … everything which I love… it made me want to sing.” So, although Leon releasing an album may come as a surprise to some, his interest and passion for music I’m sure does not.

The reggae-soul band, Leon & The Peoples consists of a group of highly talented musicians and is led by the actor himself. Leon and the Peoples expresses a clear love and desire for their music. The album Love is a Beautiful Thing stimulates this aspiration of what it feels like to be in love. Every song on the album creates warm emotions, that leads you to the next song. Released on July 20, 2018, reggae soul is the perfect description of Leon & The Peoples sound, with songs like “Happy & Sad” that provides a classic Motown sound, while others such as “Sometimes I Wish I was Single,” is designed for reggae. Throughout the album you can hear the old school influences. This album has a message to the world, in hopes of impacting it with positive sounds, almost as if the album was created in thought of healing the current state of our society. The music speaks about love from all angles, and how we as humans grasp the different concepts of what love is or could be for us. Somehow managing to comprehend the meaning behind love, even when it hurts you. The album describes a beautiful love story incorporating the good, the bad, and ugly.

In 2015, Leon and the Peoples released the single entitled ‘Love is a Beautiful Thing’ which charted on the Billboard charts multiple times peaking as high as number 3 through the Spectra Music Group. The band has been featured on BET’s 106 & Park, and have headlined several music festivals and concerts, including AIDS WALK NEW YORK Concerts (2014 – 2016), New Orleans International Music & Arts Festival, Atlanta’s National Blacks Arts Festival, and many more. In 2017 the follow up single titled “Beautiful” hit number 12 on Billboard’s Hot Singles sales chart for two consecutive weeks. The members of the band come from various backgrounds, whom all relate to one another by their passion for music. Their individuality creates an in-sync performances, providing an unbelievable experience. Leon and the Peoples are driven to capturing a world-wide audience with their unique Reggae soul sound that cannot be duplicated.

4/5 Stars - SKOPE Magazine - July 30, 2018 - 4/5 Stars

"HUFFPOST Interview: Leon"

Actor, producer, singer, songwriter, Leon along with his band “The Peoples” are set to unleash a soulful, heartfelt single, entitled “Beautiful”, on October 6th, via The Spectra Music Group. “Beautiful” is a sexy R&B/Reggae-pop flavored mix, glazed with integrity and seasoned with an authentic sincerity that detonates a powerful and compelling message.
While listening to Leon’s music you might suddenly have a revelation and realize his face as a familiar extension of the entertainment industry. Known for portraying David Ruffin in the hit mini-series, “The Temptations, and for the film, “The Five Heartbeats”. He played “Little Richard” in the NBC television film, “Little Richard” as well. His credits also include the films, “Waiting to Exhale”, “Cliffhanger”, “Cool Runnings”, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”, as well as appearing on the hit television show, “OZ”. Aside from that he can be seen in Madonna’s music video, “Like A Prayer”. I was honored to speak with Leon, while he gazed upon the clay tennis courts, overlooking the Hudson River. He referenced his musical inspirations, his new single and his up and coming album, as well as talking about his acting career, and new production company.

That new single of yours, “Beautiful”, is hot! Very sexy, with a great message.

I’m glad you appreciate it. It wasn’t the song we were going to release first. We have a really hot song that everyone went crazy for, but we realized it was a summer song, so we’re going to release it with the album next year. They said, “Well what song do you want to release now?” I said, “Well why not release the song that everyone seems to like?” “Beautiful is the first song on the record.

It has a really cool message, did you write the song?


What were you thinking as you wrote it?

I have a writing partner Joel (JK) Kittens, the same one from Herbie Handcock’s “Soul to Soul”. He’s really one of my best friends in the world. When I get together, mainly I create a concept. One of the things that I wanted to talk about in this whole album, which is called, “Love is a Beautiful Thing”, is all different versions of love. Not just the kind of love when you sleep on the same pillow for years, and the next thing you know because you’re not sleeping with them, you don’t know where the hell they are. That’s not love. I’m talking about the love for your brother, sister, your friend...you know you may hate them one day, but you’ll always love them.

I got that from the song, a family, unity kind of love.

That particular song “Beautiful”, it’s just about what it says, it’s about enjoy the people in your life because they’re “Beautiful”. Uplifting, or letting you know you feel about them, and not be afraid to do it.

And what better message is that especially in the times we live in.

You just finished what I was going to say. Especially in the times we are living in. Especially even more so with women. I think women forever have been put in this very difficult place. Trying to be women, trying to look good, and even sexy, and to be taken seriously as a person, as a partner, and as a business woman...I think now more than ever, we are at that place because of the current administration, that women are really standing up for themselves. I think there is no better time to let a woman know while she’s in that struggle that she’s “Beautiful”. Whether it be a mom, a sister, or even my daughter. I just wanted to write a song that told that kind of message.

The message is so spot on. So, you said the album is going to come out next year?

Yes, the album is going to come out next year, with The Spectra Music Group.

So if you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you need to happen?

Wow....I guess just off the top of my head, it would just be having a crowd of 30 to 50 thousand people, singing my song back to me. For me as a songwriter, and also because it’s not my first profession, I value it so much. I do it for the love. I want to do it, I don’t have to do it. For me, I really appreciate that. I remember the first time I heard my song on the radio. I was like, “Oh wow, someone is listening to my record besides me”? It’s a great feeling. When you have a song, for example you were telling me when you talked about my song as getting my message. It gives me a warm feeling inside just because I don’t know if people are going to get what I’m putting across. You never know that. People may not get it so when you hear someone that gets it, it’s a great feeling.

Well it’s a beautiful song, and I do get it. You have accomplished so many things in your career, you’re an actor starring in major roles, a songwriter, a singer, a father, is there anything that you still wish to do?

In my individual profession there’s still so much I wish to accomplish. I don’t care how many movies I’ve made, I’m just starting. There are so many people I haven’t worked with, so many stories I haven’t told. There is so much to do. I feel like I’m always just starting, and I’m happy and excited. Music to me is even more exciting. The one thing I tell people all the time who ask me which I like more, singing or acting, I don’t like either one of them more, they are just different. I’m a trained actor, and my job is to play a character that someone wrote. But when I’m on stage, it’s me.
But the fact that you have portrayed a lot of roles where you got to sing as well is pretty cool.

I think that for whatever reason I gravitated to these roles, and that was great. I was happy, I love those kind of movies. Elvis was a big influence on me when I was growing up. That sort of guy was great looking, he got to sing in the movies, he always got the best looking girls. I thought, ‘ok, that’s a pretty good profession’.

Do you have a hero?

No, I can’t say that I have a hero.

Will you be touring in support of the album, the single?

Without a doubt. I definitely will be touring in support of the album this spring, summer and probably until the fall. With the single I’m just doing five dates right now. We will be in the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in New York, in Phoenix in November, and then just mainly gearing up to go around the country and play our music. One of the things that is really interesting for me, is I go places and play music. People may not know the band right off the bat but then after a while I see them looking at me, and then all of a sudden they are like, “Oh, you know who that is”? I look at their faces, you can’t miss it. When I’m playing sometimes I go out, and we always rock the crowd, but I see at first sometimes some people are completely delighted. Half the crowd already knew, but some people, they have that look on their face, like “Wait a second”. I often put my music on playlists or play it at parties, and never, ever tell them that it’s my band. I want to see their reaction on their own. I don’t want them to react because I’m there.

How do you feel when someone says, I don’t like it, it’s not my type of music? Do you hate them for the rest of your life?

There is always going to be someone that doesn’t like that type of music. If it is their type of music and they just don’t like it, that’s different. I’d much rather have them not like the type of music then just not like it.

Do you recall your proudest moment either as a musician or as an actor? A moment in your career that you will never forget?

Wow...I should have this...Really there has been a few moments for me like that. Usually they are involved with some kind of legend. Someone that I’ve looked up to since I was a kid, them knowing me or wanting to have a conversation with me. I’ve pinched myself because I’m in a corner talking with that person. I’ve had that, talking with Smoky Robinson, or James Taylor. To me they are the epidemy of songwriting. To me its like, “Really, am I really having this conversation. Is he really this interested in me”? It’s fantastic, it’s someone you look up to, they are at another level, a level that you don’t even aspire to be.

I know that the album hasn’t even come out yet, but do you have a next project in mind?

Yeah, I’ve already started writing ideas for the songs. It’s tough though, between that and acting, and I have a production company called, “Motion Mob Films” in New York. We’re developing projects right now. We have one in pre-production and one in post-production so I’ve kind of been doing that, supervising that as well. There’s a lot to juggle. I’m also a very proud daddy. In the midst of all of that, I get to play some tennis, do some fun things...it’s all good.

Everyone said that you were really cool, glad you are...

I can’t say that I paid the people to say that.

What about everyday life influences your songwriting?

Wow! Everything. I’m an observer of people. Especially relationships. A lot of my songs are about relationships. Not only romantic ones, but relationships in general. That’s what shapes our lives. There were so many things that affect it. I watch people’s behavior, it kind of shapes the stories I tell. They are just ideas about life, most of the things that I write about have happened to me in my life, or that I’ve experienced through others.

Where are you from originally?

New York. Born, raised, and currently residing. - Huffington Post

"Leon Is Making Music for ‘The Peoples’"

You recognize him as the smooth, suave, multi-faceted actor on classics like The Five Heartbeats, Above the Rim, and The Temptations.
However, it’s about more than one love for Leon. The actor has also been flexing his musical muscles as the front man and songwriter for his reggae band Leon & The Peoples. The group recently released their latest single, “I’d Look Good on You,” from their forthcoming album.

JET caught up with Leon to chat about the group’s new music and the 25th anniversary of the classic film The Five Heartbeats.

JET: Talk about the single “I’d Look Good on You.”

Leon: Actually, if you were ever into our first record “The Road Less Traveled,” most of those songs are songs that we had been performing; because we are primarily a live band. So we would perform our songs, then we’d record them. That would give us a good indication of what people loved. Our next record was “Love is a Beautiful Thing,” which we released on the Spectra Music Group label. It did really well, but the album wasn’t ready because I’ve been acting so much. So, we had to release another single first. So we looked at what song that we performed during our live sets that people were really responding to and it was “I’d Look Good on You.”
JET: For those that haven’t heard music from Leon & The Peoples before, can you describe your sound?

Leon: It’s a mixture of reggae and soul and pop music. When we first started we wanted to be the reggae version of Sly and the Family Stone.

JET: Do you hear from people that are shocked that Leon isn’t singing R&B?

Leon: (laughs) Yes, I think the first impression is that they have of Leon the actor is that I’d be singing some sexy R&B song. Reggae is what makes me want to sing and soul music is what I was raised on; so it’s the combination of both that makes it natural for me to be a reggae soul singer.

JET: When can we expect the album?
Leon: Sometime in the fall. We’re also going to tour as well. I’m looking forward to touring. It’s always great to go out there and see the people and see their response. I love it, I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

JET: With all of the controversy behind Madonna’s tribute to Prince on the Billboard Music Awards, as an artist yourself, what do you think about the social media backlash?

Leon: I think with social media, a lot of people have voices that have no faces, so they say whatever they want. Madonna is a pop icon and came up around the same time as Prince. Those are probably two of the most identifiable people of that era. The idea of her doing a tribute to Prince made total sense to me, being that they had a bit of a relationship together; physically and as frenemies. That’s Prince’s guitar lick that you hear on Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and the hook. I thought it was a good choice as far as who she is and how she represents that time. If Prince is looking down, I don’t think he’s too upset. I thought her outfit was very befitting for the tribute, she was right on point with it.

JET: What are you working on acting wise?

Leon: A few things. I’m raising money for my first real passion project Hosanna, it’s a movie about our failed immigration system. I’m recurring on a new TV series called “Recovery Road” and I’m waiting to see if it’s going to be picked up. I’ve also been doing a bit of traveling with my brother Robert Townsend because this year marks the 25th anniversary of The Five Heartbeats.

JET: How does that feel to see that The Five Heartbeats is still popular 25 years later?

Leon: It’s been absolutely amazing. So many film festivals and a lot of towns are calling since they have seen the response we have been getting. People are packing the theaters, and the Q&A’s are just amazing. I’m even learning new things from the Q&A’s. It’s amazing the way the movie has been received and it was voted the number one African American film. During the holidays, people don’t watch It’s a Wonderful Life, they watch The Five Heartbeats. I feel very blessed to be part of that. Robert Townsend is actually releasing The Making of The Five Heartbeats documentary later this year.

Purchase “I’d Look Good on You” on I-tunes and other digital outlets. For the latest keep up with Leon on his website and follow him on Twitter @JustLeon and his band at @LeonThePeoples - JET Magazine

"Leon & The Peoples redefines the industry-made mold"

"There is no Tomorrow without Today, so live your life and have a great Yesterday.” Not very often do you come across eclectic bands such as Leon and The Peoples; but the moment you do you simply can't help but watch/listen to them in awe. We caught up with lead vocalist, Leon, for an in-depth interview on the band's most recent single and certainly what's next.

JAMusic: Music lovers globally will always be looking for that new, impeccable sound that can be looked upon as leaders of the new wave of vocalists. How would you define a musical genius that can eventually become a vocal leader?
LP: The words musical genius are not words that I would throw around lightly. I save those words for the very few that have such a grasp of their talents that it is a unique creation, not just music. They have found things within the music. I don’t believe you need to be a musical genius to become a vocal leader. That is a talent on to itself. A unique mixture of talent, personality and most of all, good songs!!

JAMusic: Some of the most genius artistes have thrived when taking chances and innovating. How important/present is that on the soundscape today; from what you've seen and that might have help in composing your singles?
LP: I feel it’s very important, especially to me and my band cause we are a mixture of sounds and genres. Constantly, testing our audience’s palette for new music. Mixing Reggae/Soul/Rock & some Pop

JAMusic: How do you think a single such as “I’d Look On You” has impacted your growing fan base as well as attracted new listeners?
LP: New music feeds your fan base, it’s what they are hungry for and a song like our latest single attracts new listeners to a reggae beat that they might not have known they love.

JAMusic: What's the biggest risk you've taken artistically; one that went over surprisingly well and one that might've gone over people's heads?
LP: Releasing “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” as our first single on the Spectra Music Label because it was more of a pop song than our previous releases. Luckily, it went very well. I think it was still true to who we are as a band.

JAMusic: Who's the artiste that keeps you on your toes? Pushes you to go harder?
LP: This would have to be reggae legend Beres Hammond who produced my first ever single and has a song on the forth coming album. I’ve done four tours with him as well.

JAMusic: What's one song that you hold close to you because of a particular line or better yet what's the most philosophical quote you've heard in a song that you hold close to your heart?LP: I hate questions like this cause it’s too hard to answer. There is a hook in a song I wrote called “Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday” that I live my life by: “There is no Tomorrow without Today, so live your life and have a great Yesterday”.

JAMusic: We live in an era where the average person's attention span is limited to what they want to see or hear. What are you doing differently that will hold their attention?LP: We’re doing what must do through social media. Giving fans snippets of songs, fun images to engage them as they are constantly scrolling through the internet.

JAMusic: With success comes a lot of negative feedback, how do you react or deal with negativity?LP: We don’t, we just keep it moving, onward and upward. Being a successful actor for so many years has taught me well on how to block out negativity and keep the ball/music moving. A lot of the negativity comes from jealousy, something I have no patience with.

JAMusic: What kind of future plans have you set for yourself as an artiste (to accomplish and maintain)?LP: Tour! Tour & Play live on TV as much as possible. If you want fans, you gotta go to them.

JAMusic: What insight can you give on the power of music and its ability to communicate certain messages verbally and non-verbally? And what do you think your music represent?LP: The power of music is and has been proven to be endless! It can tell you story or just put you in a mood. It can put you to sleep or wake you up. It’s the score to my life’s story. It’s the beat of our lives. It can effect the way we walk & talk. It can even heal. And what do you think your music represent? Our music represents the joy, love & even the pains of life. A mostly very happy Life!

JAMusic: What's the purpose on your musical journey? What's the message you're trying to give?LP: My musical journey is my life’s journey. As an actor, I’m paid to bring characters & words that a writer wrote to be performed. When I’m singing with my band, that is all me! My words, my songs or my version of a song. What’s the message you're trying to give? So the message I’m communicating is that of Life! We all have a life, we all live our lives, I’m lucky enough to communicate my mine through music.
by Biko Kennedy / 2 years ago - Jamaicansmusic.com

"Leon and The Peoples Debut CD"

�The Road Less Traveled is soon to become one of the busiest
thorough fares in reggae music.
With strong songs, great production and wicked guests Tony Rebel
and Tanto Metro it soars way above the run off the mill reggae
offerings of late.
Leon's debut album is as powerful as his acting and a candidate
for the Reggae Grammy. One of the best reggae albums of 2006.�

Indie 103.1 Radio (Los Angeles) and Napster

�Leon and The Peoples have developed a sincerity of delivery that is moving and impacts the listener from start to finish. It's great that so
many textures are employed, such diversity of sound and message,
there's something for each of our differences and yet it's more about
universal similarities.
Bet ya can't listen just once! I just leave it on 'repeat'.�

Format Manager-Reggae
Sirius Satellite Radio


�LEON & THE PEOPLES CD �The Road Less Traveled� gives you a
warm vibe from its single �THAT EMOTION�, it�s colorful,
thought provoking with great messages.�



- Radio Reviews

"International Review : Leon and the Peoples “Love Is A Beautiful Thing’ by MieKayla Singleton"

One thing to say about Leon & The People’s hit album, Love Is A Beautiful Thing, released by the Spectra Music Group, is that it’s practically a love story…a raw love story…maybe even a controversial love story. But, whatever kind of love story you want to call it (yes, you’ll call it a love story once you give this album a listen), just know…it’s a love story from the beginning to the end…though there’s a twist and a last-minute turn. Now, perhaps I might have already gotten ahead of myself a little. So, let’s rewind, pause, and play. Beautiful…let’s start with that song, which is actually the first song on the album. The special thing about Beautiful is that Leon & The Peoples remind the listeners to tell their loved ones that they’re beautiful, especially the females.

I commend them for reminding their listeners to do such a thing. The thing is that there are 24 hours in a day. Now, any human might say, “24 hours in a day is a lot of hours.” Yeah, that might be true. However, when you’re busy, those 24 hours may be gone in a heartbeat. Take it from someone who’s pulled a lot of all-nighters, even in high school. I literally can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the clock right at midnight and said (or thought), “I swear, 24 hours in a day is NOT enough.” The point is that sometimes in our busy schedules, we might forget to tell our loved ones that they’re beautiful or even that we love them. Spreading this kind of positivity to your loved ones should never be something that you forget to do. Trust me, I’m reminding myself to do that every day, especially considering how close I am to my family.

Moving on, the majority of Love Is A Beautiful is, again, a unique love story. That’s not to be taken lightly. Seriously, the album tells the story of a man seeing…and, perhaps, lusting (I’m just being honest) after a woman. He pursues her and finds out that she’s the kind of woman who likes to play hard to get, compliments of No Good For Me. Side note: I recently discovered that men like the kind of women they can’t exactly have.

Why that is? I have no clue. I guess that’s just how the world goes around. Back to the point: he finally lands the woman (I’d Look Good On You) and all is well and good. However, when you come across On and On and It’s Me Again, it’s revealed that the “relationship” or “marriage” has encountered some turbulence, leading to a devasting unhappy ending. In other words, the woman leaves, allowing the man to feel heartbroken. Then, when you reach Love is A Beautiful Thing, a valid point is made that love is what it is and that it’s needed and necessary.

Yes, it can end in heartbreak. Yes, it can last forever. But, all in all, it is what it is. I especially loved what he stated about love being the reason that a child is brought into the world, hence the lyric: “Love is the reason why I have a child.”. Honestly, I couldn’t have said it any better. By the very last track (R U Ready Tonight), it appears that the man is ready to get buck wild. Now, I’ll admit that that’s not the best behavior from a man or a woman. However, it’s definitely understandable in reference to listening to the album.

Think about it; the man tried having a “relationship” or “marriage”. However, that didn’t exactly work out to well. So, at this point, he’s thinking, “Okay, break time!” Now, that’s raw, that’s straightforward, and that’s blunt. However, it’s honest and truthful. As a music reviewer, there’s nothing I like more than an artist who keeps it 100.

While Leon & The People might not be the kind of artist you’d usually treat your ears to, I’d say to give it a listen. Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised, especially due to the album’s bluntness. I certainly know I was. - RGMagazine

"Live Review: Leon & The Peoples at Ginny's Supper Club Harlem Oct. 4th 2019"

“The venue was completely sold out, standing room by the bar only as Leon & The Peoples captured the stage and the hearts of the audience. The tall, handsome and salacious singer smoothly and vibrantly celebrated his popular hits off his five star album, “Love is a Beautiful Thing”, as well as his prior reggae hits. Every song was up-beat. Like a display of fireworks Leon plunged into the sky and shattered the darkness. We need more artists like him.”
Eileen Shapiro - Mob News New York Night life Music Reviews

"Leon & The Peoples “World’s Gonna Come Around”"

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe”
….Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

In the darkest of times with human isolation becoming the norm, social unrest ravishing the streets of our cities and the planet’s political climate at a chaotic high, there comes an anthemic song of inspiration and hope from singer, songwriter, actor, producer, activist and advocate for the people, Leon and the Peoples. The just released “World’s Gonna Come Around” music video is a mighty and powerfully tenacious and riveting plea for justice.

Leon Robinson recognized as “Leon” is a highly acclaimed actor after having appeared in movies including: “The Five Heartbeats”, “The Temptations”, “Little Richard”, “Waiting To Exhale,” “Above The Rim”, “Cliffhanger”, and many others. Leon was also the sexy angel in Madonna’s video, “Like A Prayer.” He is further known as frontman of Leon and the People’s, a soulful reggae/R&B faction who’s newest album, “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” is the subject of rave reviews.

The “World’s Gonna Come Around” video has been released during our darkest times, however many welcome the darkness as a canopy of the night where the most dazzling stars hang and shine upon the world……. - The Hype Magazine

"Leon & The Peoples “World’s Gonna Come Around”"

In the darkest of times with human isolation becoming the norm, social unrest ravishing the streets of our cities and the planet’s political climate at a chaotic high, there comes an anthemic song of inspiration and hope from singer, songwriter, actor, producer, activist and advocate for the people, Leon and the Peoples. The just released “World’s Gonna Come Around” music video is a mighty and powerfully tenacious and riveting plea for justice.

Leon Robinson recognized as “Leon” is a highly acclaimed actor after having appeared in movies including: “The Five Heartbeats”, “The Temptations”, “Little Richard”, “Waiting To Exhale,” “Above The Rim”, “Cliffhanger”, and many others. Leon was also the sexy angel in Madonna’s video, “Like A Prayer.” He is further known as frontman of Leon and the People’s, a soulful reggae/R&B faction who’s newest album, “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” is the subject of rave reviews.

The “World’s Gonna Come Around” video has been released during our darkest times, however many welcome the darkness as a canopy of the night where the most dazzling stars hang and shine upon the world……. - The Hype Magazine

"Leon & The Peoples “World’s Gonna Come Around”"

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe”….Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

In the darkest of times with human isolation becoming the norm, social unrest ravishing the streets of our cities and the planet’s political climate at a chaotic high, there comes an anthemic song of inspiration and hope from singer, songwriter, actor, producer, activist and advocate for the people, Leon and the Peoples. The just released “World’s Gonna Come Around” music video is a mighty and powerfully tenacious and riveting plea for justice.

Leon Robinson recognized as “Leon” is a highly acclaimed actor after having appeared in movies including: “The Five Heartbeats”, “The Temptations”, “Little Richard”, “Waiting To Exhale,” “Above The Rim”, “Cliffhanger”, and many others. Leon was also the sexy angel in Madonna’s video, “Like A Prayer.” He is further known as frontman of Leon and the People’s, a soulful reggae/R&B faction who’s newest album, “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” is the subject of rave reviews.

The “World’s Gonna Come Around” video has been released during our darkest times, however many welcome the darkness as a canopy of the night where the most dazzling stars hang and shine upon the world…….

Your new video is powerful and anthemic, an inspiration for our social and physical climate, although the message is very clear what are you hoping the general public will learn from watching it?

What I would hope is people will be inspired to make change! Realize that we are the key to change, all of us. No matter the the color of your skin, your religion, political party or anything else. It’s all of us vs racism, it’s all of vs injustice and all of us must vote!

Although many people view these pandemic times and social unrest as one of the darkest times in history, while others view it as one of the most creative times we have experienced. What is your view point and why?

The pandemic and the handling of it, combined with the most social unrest since the 60’s, is most definitely the darkest time in history that I have ever experienced. As an artist, it is also one of the most inspiring times, as I and many others draw from real life to create.

Art becomes activism, inspiration and documentation of our times, our struggles and emotions. So yes, it is and can be both.

You had the video shot during the isolation of the pandemic, what were your challenges and how were they over-come?

Yes, shooting anything during this pandemic was a challenge but it also pushed me and my producing partner Joel “JK” Kipnis to learn how to be self-sufficient. Although we are a depth at song writing, we had very little experience with green screen production, that included shooting and editing the video.

As an actor, singer, producer, advocate, and everything else that you are, what drives you?

Life, living and the pursuit of happiness and as corny as that might sound, it’s fucking True! Observing the life of my friends, my love ones, and others is what I’ve always done as an actor, cause I don’t play myself on film, I play others. I’m very aware and present that this is the only life I have and living it to its fullest, is my job and my job alone. Happiness is something you must work to achieve, it doesn’t just jump on you and stay with you. You must work at it!

What makes this video stand aside from the many others that produced during these times?

Well, I can’t say, cause I have not seen all the other videos but I would hope, the feel of the song, the inclusion of all people and the positive feel and optimism combined with the real and hard hitting reality.

Aside from the song and video, what have you been up to in regard to new projects?

I’m currently in Vancouver BC, shooting a holiday movie and then returning to work on the Showtime series City On The Hill and doing a filmed concert with my band Leon & The Peoples.

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet, what would it be and how would you answer it?

Wow, that’s a hard one, cause I never think of questions I want to answer but let’s try.

Question: Do you think the social unrest and state of our country will change and if so when?

Leon: I’m of course optimistic, it’s my nature. In history and human nature, we often must experience the lowest of times to invoke change, whether it be in our personal lives, as a community or our country. So, I hope this is as low as we need to go for us to make real change’
Watch the “World’s Gonna Come Around” music video here:
The official website for Leon & The Peoples may be found at https://www.leonandthepeoples.net

Interview by Eileen Shapiro - The Hype Magazine Oct. 18th 2020


The Road Less Traveled 2007
Love Is A Beautiful Thing 2018



eon & The Peoples, NYC's #1 Reggae/Soul Band has developed their signature
Soul/Reggae sound while performing nationwide and building a loyal fan
base for the last 10 years. Led by multi-talented performer, singer-songwriter,
actor & producer simply known as Leon.
Leon passionately leads the band with his smooth, sultry vocals and heart felt
lyrics, while The Peoples features top-notch musical talent from across the
globe. The unique creation results in high energy live performances and a
commitment to bringing their blend Soul & Reggae to a world wide audience.
Their 2nd album, "Love Is A Beautiful Thing" on Spectra Music label is
already gaining nationwide radio play after debuting at #3 on Billboards Hot
Singles Sales chart with the title track Love Is A Beautiful Thing and following it
up second single “beautiful” also charting on Billboard at #12. They received an
International Reggae & World Music Award nomination for the first album "The
Road Less Traveled" as well as "WINNER" of Best International Artists at Joe
Higgs Reggae Awards.
Currently on a 2024 City Winery Tour with stops in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philly and New York. In 2021, Leon & The Peoples joined LL Cool J, Usher, Alicia Keys, as main stage acts on Tom Joyner’s Star-Studded Fantastic Voyage Cruise.
In 2022, they co-headlined the “For The Children” with the legendary Reggae Band Third World at SONY Hall in New York’s Times Square. Headlined Virginia’s Jazz On The Bluff, St. Albans Jazz and R&B FestivalHead-lined 2016 & 2017 AIDS WALK NY Concerts in Central Park, International
Festival of Life (Chicago). New Orleans Music Fest, Aspen Jazz Fest, Catalpa
NYC Music Festival, the world famous Apollo Theater, The Peoples Festival (DE),
Reggae On The River (CA), New York’s SONY Hall and many more. Completed a
38 city "sold out" tour w/ Reggae great Beres Hammond. Leon & Peoples song
"Life Is A Funny Game" is the closing credits song in 20th Century Fox movie
"Cover" They have two songs on the romantic comedy "I Really Hate My Ex"
and the drama, "Where Children Play.”. Leon & The Peoples recently
headlined the Change Fest for Social Justice in Chicago.
As an actor, Leon has starred in over 35 movies and was voted as one of the
Sexiest Actors of all time by AOL. Received NAACP "Best Actor" nominations
portraying the late great David Ruffin in the NBC hit movie "The Temptations"
and as Little Richard in the authorized bio pic "Little Richard." He also starred in
the #1 African American film in the last 25 years voted by AOL, "The Five
Heartbeats". Other notable movies include, the lead role in the international
Disney blockbuster Cool Runnings, Above The Rim, Waiting to Exhale, HBO's
OZ and currently on CBS’ Blue Bloods, Showtime’s City On A Hill and is
currently starring opposite Bruce Willis & Frank Grillo in the action film "A Day To Die".

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