Leonard Eto

Leonard Eto


Innovative and alternative world music featuring a Japanese traditional drum, "Taiko".


Leonard (born in NY) is a former leader/music director for the world renowned and legendary Japanese Taiko group, "KODO".
After he quit working with KODO, he has collaborated with many great musicians such as Max Roach, Doudou Ndiaye Rose, Bob Dylan, Zakir Hussain, The Chieftains, Siouxsie Sioux, and many others in a variety of music field (rock, jazz, classical music, traditional music in a worldwide, etc.).
Furthermore, he has applied these experiences to create some innovative music of his own.
He also performed with some dance companies and other performing arts.
His music has been featured in some movies such as "JFK", "Thin Red Line", "The Hunted", and etc.
His music is totally ORIGINAL and you never experienced before!


DVD: "PRESENCE" (2003)
CD: "AOI TSUKI" (2007), "Blendrums" (2007), "OCEAN" (2006), "Blend" (2005), "Leo+1" (1998/2003 Reissue), "Duets" (2002), "ALIVE in Tenkawa" (2001)

Set List

Any sets are available.
Original songs and some popular songs from "KODO" such as "Lion", "Irodori", and "Zoku".