Leonard Las Vegas

Leonard Las Vegas


Leonard Las Vegas plays the kind of music he would love to hear from other bands. A mix of Shoegaze/Indie/Noise/Postrock. Live the band guarantees an intense experience, exploding with the first chords. The crowd deserves a good performance!


Leonard Las Vegas has been a one man studio band for three years before he found a backing band in 2009 to present his version of contemporary Shoegaze/Indie/Noise on stage, giving it all a subtle feel of Punk. LLV has released three EPs and three albums, making it two releases a year. The new album "Jagmoor Cynewulf" will be in stores in summer 2010.
The band started off with their live performances in February 2009, playing two tours in all regions of Germany plus a gig in Amsterdam. During these 25 shows Leonard Las Vegas, as a band, discovered what has been clear all years before: they're here to stay.


Jagmoor Cynewulf (summer)
This Town Is Mine EP/Cee-Anaire (March)

Lightspeed Your Body, We're Going Downtown
No Need For Wires Remix EP/Digital Single

Endstand EP

Naked Feet On Highway Darkness
Die Sphären drehen sich

Songs of these releases are streamed on myspace and last.fm. Also, several radio stations play some of it.

Set List

Set lenght varies from 45-65 minutes.

1. Into The White
2. The Weight Of The World
3. One Synapse On Fire
4. No Need For Wires
5. In The Tank Of A Funeral Car
6. This Town Is Mine
7. Out Of The Scene
8. Blackjack Illuminist
9. Clatter And Clank, The End Is A Death Party
10. Cymbals In My Bony Hands, Poison Spit From My Drooly Mouth
11. Secret Weapon
12. To All The Things I Lost In Las Vegas
13. The Herd