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"Makin' Lemonade"

"Few things say optimism like the idea of making Lemonade out of life’s lemons. Happily, Leonardo’s debut recording for kids is in keeping with this sunny, upbeat outlook. The title track extols the virtues of the “citrus elixir, the mind body fixer” The tune “Snow Day” is fittingly sprinkled with the peppy refrain “Hey, hey yippie I yay, it’s gonna be a snow day.” The song goes on to describe kids participating in typical indoor activities perfect for an unexpected day off. And, yes, there’s a sled-riding outing, too. On “Yankee Doodle”, a child finds an outlet for his creative doodling. “Shake It Off”, a rattling rap song, encourages kids to get up and get shaking. Listeners also learn exactly “How Did The Chicken Cross The Road?” (by looking both ways and staying inside the lines of the crosswalk, of course). Leonardo’s jaunty guitar playing and friendly voice make an entertaining combination. This pleasant entry to the genre will likely be welcomed into lots of minivan CD players."
- Publishers Weekly

"Live Concert Review"

"Leonardo’s catchy melodies at the Michiana Buddy Walk had families smiling, dancing and singing. His enthusiasm is infectious and his performance was enjoyable, uplifting and fun. It was a great time!" - Michiana Down Syndrome Group

"Library Concert Review"

"Absolutely irresistible, his energy was contagious, one of the highlights of this years program." - Naperville, IL Public Library


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Leonardo's concerts are energetic, interactive musical events where everyone becomes part of the show. He brings catchy songs, fun instruments and noisemakers that audiences sing, dance and shake along with.

His new CD and show Makin' Waves features water culture, "green" themed, and empowering songs . Imagine ukuleles, surf guitars, and coconut shakers with a tropical background set!

Leonardo performs at theaters, libraries, schools, camps, outdoor events and anywhere kids and families gather to celebrate a future of possibilities for people of all ages and abilities. A major part of Leonardo's performances are dedicated to Special Needs audiences and gatherings. His new CD Makin' Waves features a chorus of youths who happen to have Down Syndrome. Available solo or with a band!

More at LeonardoMusic.com