Parents' Choice Award winning kids/Family songs and concerts that entertain, educate, and motivate audiences of all ages and abilities.


Leonardo's concerts are energetic, interactive musical events where everyone becomes part of the show. He brings catchy songs, fun instruments and noisemakers that audiences sing, dance and shake along with.

His new CD and show Makin' Waves features water culture, "green" themed, and empowering songs . Imagine ukuleles, surf guitars, and coconut shakers with a tropical background set!

Leonardo performs at theaters, libraries, schools, camps, outdoor events and anywhere kids and families gather to celebrate a future of possibilities for people of all ages and abilities. A major part of Leonardo's performances are dedicated to Special Needs audiences and gatherings. His new CD Makin' Waves features a chorus of youths who happen to have Down Syndrome. Available solo or with a band!

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Makin' Waves

Written By: Leonardo

Here’s a song about doing right
Takin’ a chance swimming against the tide
Makin’ a splash on waters calm
Speakin’ out against something wrong

Waves, makin’ waves

There’s a kid at your school
No one talks to him, some treat him cruel
Be the first to say hello
You might make a new friend, I call that a hero

It takes courage and integrity
To stand up for what you believe in
Its not easy, you might be scared
Its never wrong to show you care

Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King
Mohatma Ghandi, all did amazing things
So many more on that list
You can change the world, its starts like this

Makin' Lemonade

Written By: Leonardo

It’s a cool refreshing drink
it tastes good, it doesn’t stink
highly rated to keep you hydrated… Lemonade

Let’s make some lemonade, lemonade
the citrus elixir, mind body fixer…Lemonade

When the world has you down
wear a smile, not a frown
there’s a beverage that saves you from the wreckage…Lemonade

Let’s make some lemonade, lemonade
yellow or pink, it’s my favorite drink

Here’s the recipe, tried and true
take some lemons, squeeze out the juice
with cold water in a pitcher, add sugar
you get the picture…its Lemonade


Makin' Lemonade DuneDisc 0003
Makin' Waves DuneDisc 0004

Set List

Original songs from Makin' Lemonade and Makin' Waves, as well as age appropriate traditional songs in fun, new versions.