Leonel O Zúñiga & Havana Street Band

Leonel O Zúñiga & Havana Street Band


A travel from afrocuban music to nowadays


The rising star at the Cuban music scene. Leonel O Zúñiga , sax and flute player, leading a nine excellent Cuban pieces group bringing a blow of their beloved Cuba.
As bandleader, composer, and arranger, Zúñiga aims to provide another vision of both traditional and modern Latin genres, while exploring new ways of fusing those ingredients with elements of jazz, Afro, funk, and other idioms. As a flutist, has gone further: he has expanded the musical jurisdiction of the Cuban flute, taking his instrument to unprecedented heights.


Con Guapería, Egea Music/Sam Productions

Set List

90 minutes i 1 set, 2 x 45 if two sets

Tema, Mi gente, Con guapería, Frido y Licha, Oro, A mi Habana, Balada siniestra, Changó, Siguaraya, Claudia, Chacha influ, etc..