Leon Lucas

Leon Lucas

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS
BandPopAdult Contemporary

I love Jazz, classical, techno, house, funk and all areas in between. I am the fusion man


I have been raised in the arts of classical and jazz
After school I indulged in techno/house and experimented with sound and beats and took everything to their limits
During that time I performed live under the alias Pitchblak and rocked the house at many Australian dance parties for ten years
Later Roland corp hired me as their groovebox clinician artist and I progressed into the advertising world with adds including Microsoft, McDonalds and many other Australian advertisements alongside Crash Palace which has been aired all over the world.
At this stage I am still composing music for adds and have been moving back into my classical routes and incorporating everything I have learned in the past and fused them together, which is displayed in the many production tunes I have released.
Whilst continuing on my Songwriting I have many songs to be heard and I'm looking forward to the many more songs to come.


Spirit of Australia

Written By: Leon Lucas

Spirit of Australia
See us standing firm, altogether
In freedom we live
Different walks of life
Sharing one spirit
Together we’re free

Cause we’re the spirit of Australia
The true feelings that unite our nation
The spirit of Australia that lives
In the heart of us
Running through our veins
The Spirit of Australia

Through our different beliefs
We learn so much
And we grow together
We pull stronger as one
Through the hard times
Always ready to lend a hand


A fair go for all is the freedom that we share
Accepting everyone showing that we care
Celebrating that we are truly blessed
To belong to this great land
To belong to this great land
Of ours


The Spirit of Australia
The Spirit of Australia