Leon MacLellan

Leon MacLellan


"MacLellan is a solid composer, which perfectly complements adroit soloing ability and his improvised forays. His playing shows elements in common with the styles of Neal Schon, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, to name a few." Dan McAvinchey, (Guitar Nine Records)


Leon MacLellan

MacLellan is a rock guitarist/composer who hails from Nova Scotia, Canada. He started playing guitar at an early age and he began playing professionally in High School. He co-founded the pop/rock band “Real World” with Recording Engineer/Musician, Jamie Foulds. Throughout the 1990's he toured nationally with “Now Voyager”, a pop/rock cover band. Living in Halifax, NS in the 90's he toured Atlantic Canada with pop/rock bands, “Saratoga” & “Mind over Matter”.

In 2003, MacLellan released his first Instrumental Rock Guitar Album (CD), the album receives airplay in the USA/Europe/Australia & Canada. The self-titled album (CD) is distributed through Guitar Nine Records (USA) & IndiePool (Canada). Scott Ferguson (Drums/Producer/Engineer) & Bruce Jacobs (Bass) are the rhythm section, the musicianship is outstanding. His first album received great reviews from New York’s “20th Century Guitar Magazine”, “Hard Rock Haven Magazine”, “Fret Net Music”, “Halifax Daily News”. MacLellan’s track “LockDown” is the theme music for “EMS LIVE” a talk radio show for paramedics.

MacLellan releases his second album titled “Octane”. The (CD) contains nine explosive tracks. On three tracks guest vocalist Paul MacAusland appears, many would know MacAusland from “Haywire” a pop/rock Canadian Band, with album sales reaching Platinum and Gold status. The six remaining tracks are rock guitar instrumental. Scott Ferguson returns as Drummer/Producer/Engineer & Paul Vienneau (Bass).



Written By: Leon MacLellan & Paul MacAusland


Shaking the room baby
Shaking the V.I.P

(verse 1)
Last thing was a scream pretty baby
I’m a man with a sewing kit
With a wiggle and a come hither baby
I said I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth
You turn love round baby
Man I love those eyes
Looks like a full moon dawning
Wolfman says come back inside
(verse 2)
Standing on a full court rollin
I’m the king of the shake ‘n’ bake mountain
I’m a one up achiever
Make me feel like it’s my first time

Brightest Star

Written By: Leon MacLellan & Paul MacAusland


(verse 1)
What’s wrong baby girl
Why all these tears
All your problems can’t be solved
With a sharp knife and a shaky hand
Oh, oh when you cried out
Cold cold on a small bathroom floor
I wanna see you laugh at them
Cause you’re the brightest star
Baby girl
(verse 2)
The people you call your friends
Cowards all of them
They talk behind your back
But its just idle chat
You wanna make their lip fat
(verse 3)
Nobody knows you better than us
So trust me when I say
Gossips just a bad friend
You wish would go away
Guess what - no way

Jeanie's Rant

Written By: Leon MacLellan & Paul MacAusland


(verse 1)
I do the dumbest things in your eyes
Some are lies
Let me finish my thoughts
At least I’ll try to explain
Jump into the middle of what is right
Another fight
My heart belongs to you
But you step down on it
You wouldn’t want it
No calm when you rant
Your visions a slant
One side your side till the end
What happened, happened
For a reason
And now your preachings kill me
Let the past stretch out
Keep your chin held high
Let your arms reach out
Never wonder why
(verse 2)
We do the dumbest things
Blind our eyes, some are lies
Your broken world wont bend
in mine it would, just like it should


2003 "Leon MacLellan"

2006 "Octane"