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"Leon MacLellan"

To be candid, if you are going to call your album Octane then you better know how to rock adequately. The public will not accept an artist presumptively referring to themselves as Octane when they know you’re from the Manilow school of rock. First track: “VIP”, so far so good. MacLellan proves he’s in the right place with some help from Paul MacAusland (Haywire) on vocals. I was worried there for a minute with the opening sounds of birds chirping and other forest background noise on “Delirium Jungle”, but MacLellan quickly sweeps that aside and gets down to business. Now, since MacLellan is simply a guitarist and not a guitar/vocalist, I feel like I’m grading on a curve here, but I honestly have to say that I liked the tracks with MacAusland’s accompaniment best. That’s no slight against MacLellan because he has the skills and knows how to use them, I'm just saying that I’m in favour of hearing more from a MacLellan/MacAusland duo. Just putting it out there. - Lucid Forge

"Hard Rock Haven Magazine"

Leon MacLellan
Review of "Leon MacLellan"

From Nova Scotia, Canada, guitarist Leon MacLellan, a self-titled instrumental release features eight tracks that explore elements of fusion-based rock that pulls from many diverse styles and musical influences. Leon has built his career as a musician and songwriter. His musical journey began when he co-founded the pop/rock group, Real World. He has toured nationally with the cover band, Now Voyager, and later performed with the groups Saratoga and Mind Over Matter.

Leon’s latest musical foray takes the listener on a 30-minute journey that’s filled with fluid lead guitar lines, textured rhythm guitars, dynamic percussion and in-the-pocket bass lines. The music is easy on the ears and is careful not to alienate the listener with a bombardment of notes and over-the-top guitar playing.

Tracks such as “Lockdown,” “FireWire,” “Frantic,” and “Mystic Eyes,” convey Leon’s spirited musical energy. “Virtual Dream,” “Eloquent Whisper,” “Secrets” and “Kendra” show a more eloquent and mysterious vibe. The CD was produced and engineered by fellow musician and drummer Scott Ferguson. Leon is in tune with today’s instrumental artists, and he puts his own unique stamp on an ever-expanding genre of music.

© John Kindred / Hard Rock Haven - HardRockHaven

"Guitar Nine Records"

"MacLellan is a solid composer with an ear for thematic material, which perfectly complements adroit soloing ability and his improvised forays. His playing shows elements in common with the styles of Neal Schon, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, to name a few."
— Dan McAvinchey, (Guitar Nine Records)

- Guitar Nine Records

"Media Quotes"

"Expertly played Instrumental Rock"
— Robert Silverstein, (20th Century Guitar Magazine, Feb.2004 Issue)

"Leon MacLellan's Instrumental album is exceptionally well played."
— Sandy MacDonald (Halifax Daily News)

"Super Strings"
-- Dean Lisk (Halifax Daily News) - Media

""Octane" CD Review"

If I want to make the sounds a bit heavier, I listen to Leon MacLellan’s Octane. The second solo CD from the former member of Realworld and Now Voyager, contains nine cuts, all written or co-written by MacLellan. This includes three songs co-written and performed by Prince Edward Island vocalist Paul MacAusland (of Haywire fame).

Leon does all the guitar work. Paul Vienneau joins him on bass and fellow Caper Scott Ferguson adds in drums, percussion and programming. Scott also produced and recorded the CD at his Dartmouth studio.

Octane is hard-edged and rocky, even raw in spots, but it still has its more mellow moments. The style ranges from jazzy-rock, right on through to the heavy stuff. The vocal numbers, powered by MacLellan’s driving guitar and anchored by MacAusland’s seasoned voice, are clear, precise and very singable. - Cape Breton Post


2003 "Leon MacLellan"

2006 "Octane"



Leon MacLellan

MacLellan is a rock guitarist/composer who hails from Nova Scotia, Canada. He started playing guitar at an early age and he began playing professionally in High School. He co-founded the pop/rock band “Real World” with Recording Engineer/Musician, Jamie Foulds. Throughout the 1990's he toured nationally with “Now Voyager”, a pop/rock cover band. Living in Halifax, NS in the 90's he toured Atlantic Canada with pop/rock bands, “Saratoga” & “Mind over Matter”.

In 2003, MacLellan released his first Instrumental Rock Guitar Album (CD), the album receives airplay in the USA/Europe/Australia & Canada. The self-titled album (CD) is distributed through Guitar Nine Records (USA) & IndiePool (Canada). Scott Ferguson (Drums/Producer/Engineer) & Bruce Jacobs (Bass) are the rhythm section, the musicianship is outstanding. His first album received great reviews from New York’s “20th Century Guitar Magazine”, “Hard Rock Haven Magazine”, “Fret Net Music”, “Halifax Daily News”. MacLellan’s track “LockDown” is the theme music for “EMS LIVE” a talk radio show for paramedics.

MacLellan releases his second album titled “Octane”. The (CD) contains nine explosive tracks. On three tracks guest vocalist Paul MacAusland appears, many would know MacAusland from “Haywire” a pop/rock Canadian Band, with album sales reaching Platinum and Gold status. The six remaining tracks are rock guitar instrumental. Scott Ferguson returns as Drummer/Producer/Engineer & Paul Vienneau (Bass).