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Strasbourg, Alsace, France | INDIE

Strasbourg, Alsace, France | INDIE
Band World Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"press clipping"

http://www.leoparleur.com/leOparleur%20-%20dossier%20de%20presse%2012%202006.pdf - Various


1996 : Fonkadelicmethane ep 3 tracks
1997 : C Le Moment
(Léoproduction/Léoproduction) LP 10 tracks
1999 : ¡ Mas Amor !
(Léoproduction/Léoproduction) Ep 4 tracks
2006 : Tout Ce Qui Brille
(Léoproduction/Licence Pias) LP 15 tracks
2010 : Faut Du Rêve
(Léoproduction/Quart De Lune/ Rue Stendhal) EP 12 tracks



Born in 1992 out of an unbreakable challenge and the magnificent friendship of two brothers, Josef (vocals, guitar, trumpet and programming) and Simon Oster (accordion and vocals) LéOparleur was uplifted in 1996 with Maya Martinez dazzling arrival (saxophones, vocals, trombone, clarinet and castanets). In 2000 Grégory Pernet (double bass, vocals, clarinet and programming) and Eddy Claudel (drums, vocals, euphonium and programming) added their wits and talents to the combo.

Their debut album «Revoir la Mer» released in 2002 by PIAS was turned towards high seas, dayly life revisited through the porthole of their imagination.

The 350 concerts of the following tour, (in Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Quebec and, of course France), were rich in human and artistic encounters and inspired the next album «Tout Ce Qui Brille» released on march, 6th 2006. The occasion to set up a new show directed by Philippe Albaret (COACH / Chantier des Francos) for the following tour.

2004 and 2005 were years of exoticism and creation. «Tout Ce Qui Brille» directed and mixed by Monsieur Vachon at Le Studio du Pressoir along with guests who brought their various backgrounds: Pipo Aldaco on the Basque Country trumpet, Jean Lucas on trombone and barytone horn, Simon Pomarat on percussion, Denis Leonhardt on clarinet and Coline Linder from Lo'Jo's crew on musical saw. In a few weeks this colorful crew recorded a mestizo rock rock album.

Inspired by the road and its encounters, the wide-open horizon of possible destinies and the traveller's lucky star, this album melts the carateristic sound of the band with its Eastern Europe brass bands accents and Arab and Andalusian melodies with Josef Oster's lyrics and those of other contemporary authors such as Alain Ligier, Jean-Michel Martinez, Michele Oster or Christine Touboul in a work that combines reminiscences of Rimbaud and Brecht with Boris Vians's creaking committment or Boby Lapointe's burlesque.

Josef Oster's and Maya Martinez' voices cross each other, meet and make their way together, here luminous sweet and delicate, there feverish and shaky. Simon Oster, fierce and tenacious is back on vocals for two tracks: «J'ai l'Cafard» and «Plein Aux As».

Then follow the Accordion, dabbling in everything with style, the Pixies sounding sax, Arab and Klezmer clarinets, sunny castanets and shiny trombones, the unusual and unashamed trumpet, the bass, a fortress of rhythm, sensual and devilish like a burning caress, the guitar, flamenco and mestizo, reminiscent of a good Tarantino movie, sometimes brutal and distorted, faithful to the early punk wave. All are loaded on a ship of basses, drums, samples and golden cymbals that mark the space with sparkles and shimmering reflexions.

A boundless world where Gipsy and Moorish Spain meets Cuban Son and Syldavian tunes, where everything is music and energy. The world of these five becomes ours.

With «Tout Ce Qui Brille» LéOparleur make their way and become a bit more what they are: light, generosity, crispness, fieriness, subtleties, love, caresses, bites, games, sweet play on words and genres, humor, virtuosity, recklessness, dizzines...

A new album where LéOparleur's alchemy change the «Dernier Métro's» tunnel in to a call for the sun, a call for the other, that is all that glitters and worth gold.