Leopold Skin

Leopold Skin


Leopold Skin is Damien Fahnauer’s musical project, begun in 2005. His next record entitled 'I See Mountains' will be released next November. Leopold Skin is strongly influenced by the American music and literature, open spaces and travel, as internal meditation.


I started Leopold Skin in 2005 after the discovery of American music and American literature. I naturally needed to express myself and to write my own songs. I started on my own like a solo songwriter but I quickly played with my friends when I got back from Canada in 2009. My first record which was recorded before my canadian one-year trip was released in France. Now I have new songs that are more mature, influenced by my canadian journey, the friends I've met and the friends I've left and found again. The record 'I See Mountains' will be released in November and will be more electric, deeper, intrspective as internal medidation on my relationships with nature and humans.
I love the poetry of Walt Whitman and bands such as Phosphorescent, The Cave Singers, Beachwood Sparks, Tiny Vipers etc...


Leopold Skin - 'I See Mountains' November 2010 (kütu folk records)

Leopold Skin - 'Leopold Skin & The Blue House Dandelions' 2009 (kütu folk records)

Winter & Bonfire 2009 (kütu folk records)

Set List

The Colour of the Past
Last Night
Back to Montreal
House in a Tree
Winter is Coming
(Please Get Out!)
Lonesome & Cold
Turkish Bath
I See Mountains
First Morning Light