Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

"The Oud in all its states of being".


«LE OUD SELON SMADJ» is a creation requested by Saint-Denis Festival :
This project have for theme the travel from East to West with oud for vehicle. For this occasion, Smadj presented an original
musical work interpreted by : Natacha Atlas(voice) - Ibrahim Maalouf(trumpet) - Mehdi Haddab(oud) - Cem Yildiz(Voice, baglama), Alok Verma(tablas) - Line Kruz +2 altistes(Violin) - Amer Nakhleh(oud) - Ihab Nimer + Morad Khoury(violin), Ugur Göregen (percussion) et Erkan Tekci(Kaval).

For the first performance, «Le oud selon Smadj» was a big success with the public and media. It will be replayed for spring or summer 2011 in a slightly reduced form at the same time as the album release. (Coproduction by MVS and Saint-Denis Festival).

Borned in Tunisia, parisian musician Jean-Pierre Smadja (Smadj) grew up listenning oriental, brazilian, funk, soul and folk music.
With his first album released in 1994, it is nevertheless that in 2000 that Smadj is recognized on international scene with «Equilibriste», electronic and acoustic fusion, what cost him the fourth position at «European World Music Charts».
In 2002, the french musician Mehdi Haddab joined Smadj for a project which transported the oud in 21th century, «DuOud».
Thanks to the triumph of their first album and 2 years of world tour, DuOud was nominated at the BBC World Music Awards for «Best album».

He continue to working with Mehdi Haddab with the release of «Sakkat» recorded in Yemen with yemenites traditional musicians. During a residence, the duet stopped in Sanaa, fascinated by the singular way of playing the oud of the Yemenite and their sung poetries. It is also this year which takes out the 4th album of Smadj, SOS, installed for 3 years at Istanbul, he suggests to 2 virtuosos mixing their passion Turkish in his experience.
In 2009, the 3th album of DuOud «Pink King» to be released to World Village and in the same year, one of the dreams of Smadj comes true, the release of the album with Erik Truffaz and Talvin Singh, trio dedicated to his partner and consisted of instrumental love songs.
Since he worked on the traditional and crowned musics Alevi together with its friend Cem Yildiz (released in Turkey in March, 2010 and november 2010 in France.)


2009 : Ping Kong (feat. Mehdi Haddab / DuOud - Harmonia Mundi)
2009 : Selin (MVS records)
2006 : Sakat (feat. Mehdi Haddab / DuOud & Abdulatif Yagoub - Label Bleu / Harmonia Mundi)
2004 : Take it and drive (Most records)
2002 : Wild Serenade (feat. Mehdi Haddab / DuOud - Label Bleu)
2000 : New Deal (Electric M.E.LT)