Le Panique

Le Panique

 San Francisco, California, USA

Blowing up speakers with distorted bass melodies that are fueled by harmonious vocals and echoing drum beats Le Panique will vibrate you onto the dance floor!


San Francisco's Le Panique is back and revamped! The band has set out to blow up speakers and vibrate everyone onto the dance floor.

In Le Panique's conception, Devin Ozel decided he was on the outs with mediocre melodies and slow drum beats, he took to writing a handful of bass driven dance-punk songs. In the midst of auditioning a small army of drummers and a revolving door of singers, Devin found his musical crush with Marlene Melendez behind the drums. After a brief stint with a previous singer, the search for the perfect vocalist was on. They found a sweet surprise with James Parrish. The threesome was complete. Ah, love at last!

Le Panique presents their brand new EP, “Saturday Matinee”. Fueled by James’ harmonious vocals and witty lyrics, their music is perfectly completed with the sound of Marlene’s echoing beats and Devin’s distorted melodies. “Saturday Matinee” is digitally released on November 1, 2011.

Viva Le Panique!


Life in the Goondocks

Written By: Le Panique

Breaking out...
But that ain't got shit to do with keeping our houses.
Ya Threaten to hit so hard when I wake up my clothes will be out of style.
Follow the trail, follow the map.
This one right here it was my dream, my wish and it didn't come true, so I am taking it back...
Don't you realise, I'm taking it back and it was my wish.
Follow the trail, follow the map.
Next time you see, The next time you see the sky it will be over town.
And the next test you take... it will be in a different school.
And Up there it's their time. Don't you see?
And down here is our time. Don't you know?
'Cause Up there is their time. Don't you see?
'Cause down here is our time.
'Cause that's all...
That's all over.
Because that's all over.
'Cause that's all over.


Saturday Matinee EP - 2011
Recorded by Patrick Brown & Jorge Hernandez Different Fur Studios, San Francisco
Mixed and Mastered by Jamie McMann at Motor Studios San Francisco

Set List

25-30 minutes
8 Songs