Chicago, Illinois, USA

lePercolateur blows bubbles of swingtime bliss w/unbridled energy & irresistible hooks. Springboarding off a platform of DjangoReinhardt-inspired hot club swing, the band evokes '30s France w/help from the vocal textures of Candace Washburn, whose playful & seductive croon steals hearts like a shoplifter in a Hallmark store. Original tunes & 'gypsified' pop tunes come to life w/the toe-tapping combo of Stacy's upright, Marielle's twisting violin melodies, and dueling-auctioneer guitar fretting.


As the railyard bled into dark warehouses, the stranger found himself alone. Street after street he walked with night taking control of his senses until his ears perked at the music of sirens. The dulcet tones of violin, bass, and the female voice spiraled through the darkness from the sole source of warmth in sight. Helplessly drawn in, he found the last lit trailer in camp that seemed to have sprung forth from another time, and there--in the form of three women--was both the past and the future in one.

He introduced himself as Sam Random and explained that his path and his name were inextricably linked. Sensing a kindred spirit, they proffered their names: Marielle de Rocca-Serra held the violin, Stacy McMichael propped up the bass fiddle, and it was Candace Washburn's voice that had beckoned him. As Sam sat at their fire and opened up his tattered guitar case, another man, his elder, stepped forth from the darkness having been drawn in from afar. Armed too with a guitar, he announced himself as Kevin Rush and sat with no concern as to whether he'd been invited - simply knowing he was home. Fueled by coffee black as the night they found themselves in and so dark it could have been wartime, they played through 'til the sun began painting the eastern horizon red.

Winding their caravan through the windiest of cities, lePercolateur has spent the time since this fateful night sweeping in to transport concert-goers to a time where music was a liberating and cathartic respite from persecution--where the frenetic energy of struggling to simply 'be' coalesced with the unbridled spirit of gypsy music and burgeoned into swing dancing. The troupe has transforms the Green Mill, Andy's Jazz Club, Untitled, Jazz Showcase, Mayne Stage and Katerina's into a sold-out Parisian dance hall circa 1937 on a monthly basis. Their high-energy sideshow has made Percolateers of attendees of the Lakeview Art Festival, Deer Creek Jazz Festival, Jazz Institute of Chicago's 2011 Jazz Tour, the 2010 & 2011 Chicago Cultural Center's "Music Without Borders" series, and Purdue University's Swing Dance. They were Featured Artists in both 2009 and 2011 in the Windy City Lindy Exchange, during which they flaunted their uncanny ability to seamlessly fuse two different eras via their reinterpretations of modern pop through the medium of hipster gypsy jazz.

lePercolateur released their debut album March 2013, and thus became latest band to join the Chicago Sessions record label.  Audience members are sure to wake from a dreamlike daze wondering in which year they find themselves, and wishing it was what their senses told them.


All I Want is You

Written By: lePercolateur

I wait for you, by the fountain
newspaper in hand.
You're late, as usual
take your time dear
I've got no other plans.

Complaints or misery
you're a mess dear, and I see you every day.
It's a wall and artillery
it's going down.
No running away.

and you'll be the death of me, so what can I do?
All I Want is You

It's Friday night
have some wine dear, and give me a kiss
I'm losing my mind, you make me Happy
Got just what I wished for.

You'll be the death of me, so what can I do?
All I Want is You

All I Want is You
All I Want is You
All I Want is You


Mar 26, 2013: "Pop Manouche" LP released on Chicago Sessions record label.