Lepistö & Lehti

Lepistö & Lehti

 Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

Lepistö&Lehti bringing together the unquestionable talent of accordionist Markku Lepistö and bassist Pekka Lehti - both well respected musicians with remarkable careers in their own right. Together they operate at the forefront of contemporary acoustic music with a distinct Nordic influence.


Sometimes music just happens. A warm late summer night in 2004 at the Helsinki festival was one of those occasions. Lepistö&Lehti, a duo of Finnish master musicians debuted at the main stage of the event and the 1000+ audience listened in awe.

Perhaps there’s something surprising about the composition of this ensemble. Double bass and accordion, it seems, is not the most obvious of combinations. Yet Markku Lepistö and Pekka Lehti pull it off somehow. How do they do it?

Dynamics, a personal connection, and the right kind of juxtaposition of two worlds are the key to understanding Lepistö&Lehti. Usually luck plays a part in projects such as this as well. The duo came from different parts of Finland, joined forces in the band Värttinä in Helsinki, shared more hotel rooms than they can remember, ended up sharing the stage as a duo, and eventually went on to share the leading role on a record as well.

Seems logical enough. Although, the main ingredients here might still be Lepistö&Lehti’s deep musical connection, their mutual professional respect, and a combined vision where one plus one is more than two.

Presenting material selected from both of the artists’ individual repertoire, Lepistö&Lehti aim for this all elusive additional element. The one that makes a casual concert goer stop for a while and listen to the two artists on stage, applying their delicate touches on a large scale sonic canvas.

When listening to their new recording, you might catch a glimpse of what is being described here. Just listen. Music is best when it just happens.

"Lepisto & Lehti are those rare musicians whose performance so thoroughly engages that one quickly forgets they are a duo and hears, instead, a full, complete musicial experience, an ensemble. These are musician's musicians who approach live performance as nuanced, graceful, conversation, ever exploring, expanding, commenting, informing. "- Gerald Seligman
Director of Womex

Lepistö&Lehti Accolades:

2009- WOMEX Nordic Showcase

2008- CINARS Showcase - Montreal, Canada

2008- Arctic Paradise Showcase - Helsinki, Finland

2008- APAP Showcase - New York, U.S.A

2007- Folkelarm Showcase- Oslo, Norway

2007- Arctic Paradise Showcase-Helsinki, Finland


Lepistö&Lehti: Helsinki

Pekka Lehti: Outo Voima
Pekka Lehti & Outo Voima: Sohjo
Markku Lepistö: Silta
Markku Lepistö: Polku

Set List

Vainajalan tango
Caprice diatonique
Concerto diatonique

We have normally one set from 40- 60 minutes