Le Poumon Noir

Le Poumon Noir

BandAlternativeNew Age

First we're French so I'll do my best .. Our music sounds like a rusty gears kaleidoscope and unconventional music is what makes us breath. We find our pleasure in jamming and it's in a theatrical world that we invade ourselves. Our two major influences are Tom Waits and the residents.


Philipe and I, franz, are playing together since a long time but we yet never planed something serious. It's since we met Vincent that our dream started to come true. We find our power in jamming and so we decide to do it that way. We always records ourselves (2 tracks stereo) so we can keep everything we do, what allows us to start from a new way each time we play. There is no love or political threats in our pieces of music, all we want is to bring peoples minds in an other world and allow them to dance with colours and dust. Music must stay music.


We dont have any cds or lps yet, but we plan to release something our own this fall. We have a myspace page : www.myspace.com/crackanalsex, for reference only purpose.

Set List

Our songs usually last between 3 and 20 minutes cuz they're mostly jammed.We are actually working on a list to give ours songs an order. We usually play between 1h and 2 hours. We have one cover and it's a Residents song call Diskomo.